Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude

It’s such dull weather at the moment that I have had a look back through my photos to last Spring and I found Jenny!!

And this week’s challenge is ‘Solitude’….Wrens are mostly on their own….well this one is!



That’s All!

See Ya xx


Weekly Photo Challenge: Resilient

Oooh my first blog of the year!

So I’m going to present to you two little beauties who show great ‘Resilience’ to the snap of cold weather we are having here in the UK……

(But not forgetting Ruby Robin as my featured lady just above!)


Kenneth Kestrel!


Stacey Starling

That’s All!

See Ya xx

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax

When I don’t get any photos that I am pleased with I can feel a little agitated, but when I get a photo or two that I like….then I can relax!

Gorgeous Goldfinches having a winter feast!


Then off one of them flew……


Not very clear but you get the gist of it!!

That’s All!

See Ya xx