The Most Amazing Hoya!

I was given a Hoya Carnosa about 4 years ago and it did nothing for 2 years. I then moved it to an upstairs windowsill with sun in the afternoon…………….

Oh me oh my! I think it likes it here! It had one lot of flowers last year and this year it has 6! It is also called the Porcelain plant or the Wax plant.

It is the most amazing (as in the title) textured plant!

These are the flower buds-they look very much like plastic.
In this photo you can see the closed buds, some half opened and the fully opened flowers.
When they are fully open, they seem to produce a thick, sticky liquid which I presume is nectar of some sort.
And this is the flower from behind!

I find them fascinating and as I sit here I can tell you they also have a sweet perfume!

That’s All!

See Ya xx


I usually like plants that are bright and vivid but for some reason the Astrantia has always been a flower that I absolutely love-it’s so delicate and fine and just gorgeous, and I am pleased to say I have them in my garden!

If you wanted a proper description….here it is!

“Astrantia are clump-forming herbaceous perennials with palmately lobed basal leaves and branched, erect, wiry stems bearing compact umbels of tiny flowers surrounded by a rosette of showy bracts.”

Well I never!!! To me they are just beautiful!

And that’s all!

See Ya xx

Spring Tulips

Last year all our tulips were eaten by the local muntjac deer which was very disappointing as you only get the one flower on each stem! Thus our garden was a sea of green stems with no flowers.

This year, joy of joys, no deer came after January so they didn’t decimate our crop!


I hope you enjoy the splash of colour from my tulips!

That’s All!

See Ya xx

Costa Rican Flowers

On our recent holiday to Costa Rica, I was amazed at the vivid brightness of the flowers that were everywhere! But first, where did we see them? Here’s a map of Costa Rica and a cunningly placed arrow showing where I took the photos of these particular flowers! Tortuguero-which is on the Caribbean side of the country-is very hot and surprisingly wet for the dry season! I think they should rename their seasons ‘The Wet Season’ and ‘The Even Wetter Season”!

This is a passion flower native to Central America.
Small heliconia
Bamboo orchids grow everywhere and they grow to about 2 metres tall and have lots of flowers.
Achiote harbouring a small bug! This is sometimes used as a food colouring.
I don’t know what this is!

And to finish…….

I believe this plant is called Hooker’s Lips?? I wonder why!

That’s All!

See Ya xx