Weekly Photo Challenge: Security

I saw this family in a restaurant in Kalkan in Turkey today and I just wonder if they would feel secure without their mobile phones!



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That’s All!

See Ya xx

Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

Whilst on holiday in  Turkey recently I noticed that the dragonflies around the edge of the pool seemed to like either sitting right by the water of the swimming pool or perching on something tall and pokey!

So….I got my camera, sat on the edge of the pool, stuck my finger in the air and waited!

Look what happened………. (these are just 8 of many, many photos I managed to take!)







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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun

The challenge is Fun……

Here we go…..


Freya Flower thought it would be great fun to try a new hairdo-she was very pleased with the results!

If anyone knows what this flower actually is (I’m in Southern Turkey at the moment), I would love to find out!

That’s All!

See Ya xx

Weekly Photo Challenge: Future

So the challenge is to find photos that show my interpretation of ‘The Future’!

Let me tell you a little story of some Turkish frogs!

Here’s Fahim Frog (Fahim means ‘great, big, large’!!)


Fahim is a fine and fertile frog…what’s he waiting for….or should I say who??

 And here is Ferahna Frog (Ferahna means ‘Wideness, looseness, plenty, width, abundance’. Not sure I’d like to be called that!)


Ferahna Frog is thinking about her future and what will happen today!


Please forgive the quality of this next photo, only  Fahim Frog moved so fast which in turn made Ferahna Frog leap with speed and so all you can really see is a blur of frog!


A word of warning for the next photo….The future is being made in this next shot!!


In the wild flurry of the leap, they ended up upside down but look at the quality of that cuddle! Nice work Fahim Frog!

Whooop and they’re the right way up!


The future is secure!

That’s All!

See Ya xx