Cerinthe in the Rain

I inherited a plant from my mum that always amazes me with both its hardiness and ability to survive almost anything coupled with its amazing flowers. The cerinthe’s flowers remind me of dragons….maybe it’s the way they fall and the shape of them. I think they’re lovely – my dragon flower the Cerinthe.

That’s All!

See Ya xx


I usually like plants that are bright and vivid but for some reason the Astrantia has always been a flower that I absolutely love-it’s so delicate and fine and just gorgeous, and I am pleased to say I have them in my garden!

If you wanted a proper description….here it is!

“Astrantia are clump-forming herbaceous perennials with palmately lobed basal leaves and branched, erect, wiry stems bearing compact umbels of tiny flowers surrounded by a rosette of showy bracts.”

Well I never!!! To me they are just beautiful!

And that’s all!

See Ya xx