Macro Monday: 9 Dahlias

At the weekend we went to Anglesey Abbey to see the Dahlia display…it was rather wet but definitely worth it……


That’s All!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’ 2

Not many words for this one……

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Thursday’s Special!

We planted these dahlias a little late and have been willing them to burst into flower before autumn fully descends. The rest of our dahlias are out and have been giving us pleasure for quite a while now.

But, these, I think, are worth the wait…..

IMG_7245 IMG_7244 IMG_7246

Come can do it!

Come on….you can do it!

IMG_7250 IMG_7249_2

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Dahahahahahahlia-Oh How Much I Love to See Ya!

This very beautiful deep red dahlia is one of quite a few in my garden. This is because I became a little obsessed with them last year having found they grow well in our soil!

Just look….


We have various different sized ones and this one is the largest one which has nearly taken over our back gate entrance!


This next one is a slightly played about with close up….Can you see the small critter on the inside left? Looks a bit like the alien in Alien!

IMG_6491That’s All!

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