One-Liner Wednesday

“When you said to hot foot it over to you…..”

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That’s All!

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Saucy Cabbage White!

I’m a cabbage white
And it’s time for me to mate
So I sit upon a flower
With abdomen in the air I wait!!
Then along comes Mistress Photograph
She spoils the romantic vibe
And the handsome beau I’m wooing
Flies away to the right to hide!

As you can see, I didn’t quite manage to get the two of them together-he was off like a shot!

That’s All!

See Ya xx

Butterflies in the Alps

What an amazing time we’ve had walking in the Alps. I still can never resist a photo of a butterfly-so here are some Alpine butterflies…..

A Fritillary

A Common Blue ( I know it’s brown but it’s the lady so she’s brown rather than pretty blue 😩)

I’m not sure what this little chap is called!

I’m thinking this gang of red and black boys are Burnet moths…

This is the male Common Blue!

I think that’s all for now-must go and play boules!

See Ya xx