Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish

In response to Wish I say…..

I wish that a sky as bright and beautiful as this morning’s meant an equally bright and beautiful day unlike the good old shepherds said!


That’s All!

See Ya xx

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

We had to get a walk in relatively early this morning as the weather forecast was not good for later on. I was hoping for some nice wildlife pictures but the sky put on something of a show that I would like to share with you now!

IMG_0198 IMG_0199 IMG_0201 IMG_0203 IMG_0204

This last photo I will confess to playing with a little bit for my own fun….

IMG_0200That’s All!

See Ya xx

Y’orchiding! (Get it!)

Oh me oh my what a busy time I’ve had.

I’ve been transacting on eBay.

I’ve been painting doors.

I’ve been putting my dahlias to bed before the frost!

But, as always, I got distracted in the middle of it all and found myself lying on the cold flagstones outside my kitchen door, taking photos of orchids from underneath! The sky was so blue and the orchid was so white!

See what you think! The first picture just shows you the type of orchid…..

Notice the woodstore in the background…remember it’s the one I made!! (See a much earlier post!)

And as always a very close up right in his tummy sort of shot……

Isn’t it soft?

Now for the shots that chilled my bottom to the bone….

Oh yes!

Also, some single flowers…

What a sky and what a flower!

That little cloud keeps getting in the photos doesn’t it!

Teeny weeny background cloud!

And finally my favourite photo (I think though the really close up one is a close second)….


That’s all!

See Ya xx