Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details 2

The last two pictures in this post are the best!

More photos from Warwick Castle….






But really…..surely my grandsons show ‘Lost in the Details’ just as well as some stuffy old stained glass windows….

and….quite frankly I think my grandsons are far more beautiful!

What is at the end of that stick?

What is at the end of that stick?


Imagine coming face to face with a dog as tall as you are!

Imagine coming face to face with 2 dogs as tall as you are!


Yep-grandsons win hands down!

That’s All!

See Ya xx


The Bull Bay Tree and my Mother’s Wrist!

Today my dear mother had her left wrist operated on to relieve her carpel tunnel syndrome. Consequently I took her to the hospital and left her there for the op…this was not in a heartless way but I was told to come back later as I would only get in the way! (Did you see how I swung the sympathy back to myself having made you think I was mean leaving poor mother!)

So back to mother’s home and Rocky the dog, who ignored me, rushed around looking for his mistress and then stood in the window pining for the one he loves (which is not me!). Once the rain had stopped I coaxed Rocky out from under the table(!) to get his lead on and then took him for a walk. I went the route that takes me past a most magnificent tree which I know to be a Magnolia grandiflora aka Bull Bay tree. Look at this flower…

Such a beautiful white!

And another….


Both of these were taken in July and if you are patient I will show you today’s photos, but you have to wait a minute!

Here’s a close up…

Watch out for the colour this middle bit turns later in the blog!

Also on the tree last summer were some flowers that had died….

It turns such amazing colours!

But look at the close up…

What a pink!

So when I walked past the tree today I took some more photos…

Not quite as vibrant now!

But I did spot some buds a coming!


Now, mum’s operation went fine and the NHS were brilliant! Mind you, I had to laugh just before we left as the nurse came in and told us that mum had to have an elevation sling for her arm! The problem was she couldn’t remember how to do it! She said that her and her husband had been watching a video of how to do it on the internet the previous evening! So, out came my iPhone, search ‘elevation sling’ and I showed her the video clip!! She sort of got there in the end!

Anyway, I forgot to say about the little robin singing his heart out at the top of a 50 foot tree….

This is the clearest I could get the picture…he was so high up!

And that’s all!

See Ya xx


Seed Pods and Skylarks!

My mother, who knows I take copious amounts of photos, gave me this seed pod that she found….

Mais qu’est-ce que? Or for those of you without french (!)-But what is it?

Oh bliss, oh glory…..I’m so happy with your name oh flower seeds!

I suspected that they were iris seeds and googled as such.

Imagine my delight when I found them and their name!

Stinking Iris (Iris foetidissima for the more intellectual!)

Sadly I still have that childish sense of humour that so enjoys names of this sort.

Here’s another view…

Oooh you are pleasing to my eye!

Stinking because:

The  memorable feature isn’t the flower, which is unspectacular by the standards of many irises, but the smell. If you crush the foliage between finger and thumb you release an aroma that’s reminiscent of roast beef or, perhaps more accurately, the exaggerated beefy smell of a packet of roast beef-flavoured crisps. The species is sometimes known as roast beef plant.

And there you have it!

Now for some grass seeds..

I think they are grass seeds anyway!

Here’s their insides!

How neat!

Now, I am very lucky to live next to fields that have many skylarks in them. They are quite shy birds and if they are not hiding in the field foliage, they are flying so high in the sky that they are difficult to see, though they sing the most beautiful song. Occasionally though, they congregate in trees and on my walk yesterday, in the distance ahead, I spotted them in a tree. I  knew I couldn’t go to near as they would just fly off, so I took photos from where I was. Now I don’t have a super duper camera with zoom lens etc., and so these are not really clear, but, well you be the judge..

Shhh….don’t make them jump!

And one with a little zoom…

Thank you Skylarks!

But my favourite photo of my yesterday journey was this one…

Old Man’s Beard-Clematis vitalba

There’s a lot of it about!

That’s all!

See ya xx

Two Natural Characters!

During my weekend I met a couple of characters and, of course, I had to photograph them!

He knows how to pose for the camera!

He’s got the moves….

‘You put your left leg in…..’

And just look at this trick….


And here he his before he raced off up the tree…

Oh go on, just one more pose….?

And happily enough, one more pose…

See Ya Stuart!

The last 2 photos are just of the most sweet little robin who came right up to me when I was digging (in robin speak I believe that is “Oh great you have revealed lots of worms for me to eat!”) and here he is…

Hey Robin!

Then he flew up into the tree…


Hope you like Stuart and Robin!

And that’s all!

See ya xx

Fungus! (What an attractive title!)

As I wandered about yesterday, waiting for my car to be fixed, camera in hand, anxious purse in pocket, bemused bystanders watching on, I found myself some fungus to photograph!

There seemed to be two different sorts (or so I thought!)…

Fungus/fried egg/fungus/fried egg?

And this little pouting beauty….

If it was Halloween now I’d be thinking this was an eyeball!

So there I was on the side of the road, taking no notice of people wondering what I was doing, crouching down and thinking that these were quite amazing fungi. I spent quite a few minutes prodding various puffballs in order to capture the puff of spore smoke (sadly to no avail!). This is a shot of me doing just that (and yes, you will notice the lack of spore smoke!)…

It puffed and I missed!

Here are some sweet shots….

Eye eye!

Their relationship was doomed from the start!

A far more healthy relationship!

So there I was in Fungusville when I thought….hang on a minute….does the fried egg fungus, with its sort of hump growing in the middle, become the puffball….sort of like it looks more and more pregnant? Are you with me? Am I right?

Well, I think I’ll finish this blog with that question and hope someone may answer me!!

That’s all!

See Ya xx



Frosty One!

Ooh am I glad that I have a warm stove that keeps my house toastie warm? We definitely needed it last night as it hit the below zeros!

So there I was this morning, lounging about, knowing I had to get up and going soon, when I thought, “I wonder what the weather looks like today!”

I peaked out of the window and saw frost frost frosty frost everywhere!

“I sense a photo opportunity!” thought I, and leapt out of bed and into clothes.

Here are my efforts….

Saxifraga Primuloides



Followed by…..

Will she survive?

Then I took a photo of the ice on the top of my fence…not sure if this works…what do you think?

Quite interesting I think!

Then here’s some frozen wood…

I much prefer colourful shots!


Well you shouldn’t be growing in my lawn!

Then there’s the last of my sweet peas who seem to think it’s jolly hot judging by the amount of sweat on them!(?)

Freezing you may be…but very pretty too!

And that’s all!

See Ya xx

Y’orchiding! (Get it!)

Oh me oh my what a busy time I’ve had.

I’ve been transacting on eBay.

I’ve been painting doors.

I’ve been putting my dahlias to bed before the frost!

But, as always, I got distracted in the middle of it all and found myself lying on the cold flagstones outside my kitchen door, taking photos of orchids from underneath! The sky was so blue and the orchid was so white!

See what you think! The first picture just shows you the type of orchid…..

Notice the woodstore in the background…remember it’s the one I made!! (See a much earlier post!)

And as always a very close up right in his tummy sort of shot……

Isn’t it soft?

Now for the shots that chilled my bottom to the bone….

Oh yes!

Also, some single flowers…

What a sky and what a flower!

That little cloud keeps getting in the photos doesn’t it!

Teeny weeny background cloud!

And finally my favourite photo (I think though the really close up one is a close second)….


That’s all!

See Ya xx

And Little Lambs Eat Ivy!

The title of this blog is a bit of a song my dad used to sing, but it sounded more like …”And liddle lamsy divey” and it wasn’t til later in the song that it was slowed down and you could hear the real words.

Happy memories!

Anyway, I have for you today………some pics of…..have you guessed it yet?


Well ivy buds, flowers and seed heads to be precise.

So here we go (and you may as well hover for those sassy yet amusing remarks!)…

Ivicus Budicus!

They look a bit like fireworks. (Well green fireworks that go off in the day?)

So the next stage is this…

Nearly all out

A little further on in the cycle….

I like it a lot!

I had to take this one when I saw him landing there right in front of my eyes…

The next stage!

And this one is very regal I thought…

Little did they realise how almost rude looking they would turn next!!

Look at these!

Well what do YOU think they look like?


I just like this next shot so it’s not in sequence…


That’s all!

See Ya xx

Colour bright within my sight!

“Oh you’re so easily!” distracted came the slightly exasperated cry.

We are at the allotment planning and measuring for beds but I have spotted some photo opportunities which lure me away with their promise of colour and excitement!

Somehow measuring beds of 5m x 1.2m is just not as exciting as….

Almost hurts your eyes!

(Are you remembering to hover over the pictures?)

Then there’s this little lovely…..

Fabulous colours!

And even closer still…

Aw Charlie, you’re magnificent!

Let’s move on to a different colour now….

Do you think she’s vein!!!! Geddit?

And the final one…

Such yummy colours!

And just in case you didn’t realise, these are all photos of Chard!

That’s all!

See Ya xx

They’re new to me!

Today I have photos of two autumn plants that I have never seen before.

The first has berries of the most amazing colour-please don’t think I have been colouring small spheres in order to show you something new-they are real!

Callicarpa Profusion

That is also the position they take on the shrub-sort of just off the main stem!

They are also called the Beauty Berry.

The other photos are of a plant called Gentiana which I think is wonderful…

About to open!

They are also called ‘Angel’s Wings’


And, of course, the looking straight down photo….

I think I’d like some of these!

A group shot

Ain’t they pretty?

And that’s all!

See Ya xx