Frosty One!

Ooh am I glad that I have a warm stove that keeps my house toastie warm? We definitely needed it last night as it hit the below zeros!

So there I was this morning, lounging about, knowing I had to get up and going soon, when I thought, “I wonder what the weather looks like today!”

I peaked out of the window and saw frost frost frosty frost everywhere!

“I sense a photo opportunity!” thought I, and leapt out of bed and into clothes.

Here are my efforts….

Saxifraga Primuloides



Followed by…..

Will she survive?

Then I took a photo of the ice on the top of my fence…not sure if this works…what do you think?

Quite interesting I think!

Then here’s some frozen wood…

I much prefer colourful shots!


Well you shouldn’t be growing in my lawn!

Then there’s the last of my sweet peas who seem to think it’s jolly hot judging by the amount of sweat on them!(?)

Freezing you may be…but very pretty too!

And that’s all!

See Ya xx

Have you guessed what it is yet?

Tell me your name oh hairy one!

I found this little beauty in my front garden, calmly climbing on a shrub. I have to admit that I have been a little cross with the behaviour of this year’s caterpillars as they have eaten my garden alive! However I am unable to hurt them so I just try to move them somewhere else (like the neighbours garden??? No not really!).

Anyway, I decided I needed to know what species it is…butterfly or moth??

Well, God bless the internet as I can now proudly reveal that this caterpillar will become a Grey Dagger moth. I haven’t a photo of my own of one of them but I have managed to find this on t’net.

Grey Dagger Moth

Here’s a glorious sweet pea, bursting and ready and so pleased to not be caterpillar food….

Sweet sweet pea

And now, with great subtlety, on to another sort of pea that I podded only last week. Couldn’t resist the photo opportunity!


See Ya xx