Those were the Days! 25th May

Yes it’ a continuing saga of the loft discoveries.

First of all a glimpse of the 15 year old me and the machinations of my mind:

Did my maths teacher not mind?

Ah now I look even closer I see that it was Miss Fulton who was the teacher. Sadly she was a large lady and her name caused much girly giggling. I was actually quite good at maths and always completed the work fast, hence I had nothing better to do than mess about with Mel and Julie once tasks were completed! You can see I was in group A. Now on thinking further, after I got my ‘O’ level results and found I had a ‘B’ grade, I went to Miss Fulton and said that I quite fancied doing maths ‘A’ level. She wasn’t very nice really and just said, rather abruptly before walking off, ‘Not in my class you’re not!’

Not sure she liked me!

Mel, Julie and I were great friends but you can see there was quite a bit of (puerile) banter:

  1. Graphs are stupid, so is Mel.
  2. Julie is a turd-this is old English Folk. 
  3. Julie and Mel are both spongy mesophyll.
  4. Julie is a prothallus.
  5. Mel is a pyrenoid. 
Was I highly intelligent back then and have forgotten what these things are?

Spongy Mesophyll of a ………LUPIN!!

A  Spongy mesophyll is an open and spongy layer in a plant which is specialized for gas exchange….well I never! I expect the gas exchange was what hooked me on learning what the word meant!

Fernilly enough I like this image!

 A Prothallus is a small, flat, delicate structure produced by a germinating spore….would you ever? (Best seen in ferns apparently!)

Don’t get pyrenoid!!

Pyrenoids are proteinaceous regions of the chloroplast found in algae and some bryophytes but not in higher plants. Very insulting, in fact, the most insulting of these three!
So there we have it-my summing of the friends of my youth! All very biological. Must have been doing Plant Life in Biology class. I might add I was quite good at biology too.
And that’s it!
See Ya xx