Who would have thought ‘peach’ was so rude?

On our many visits to Turkey we have got to know some of the locals, and one of them is called Emina and amongst us English there is always someone who pronounces it wrong and ends up saying….yes you’ve guessed it….Enema! This, of course, always makes me giggle as I have not graduated into grown up humour and still thoroughly enjoy anything silly, oh, and I adore slapstick.

Anyway, this is Emina…..

Emina about to cook us savoury pancakes…yum!

We have not tried to explain this slight problem we have with her name especially as I have not a clue how I would do it….I simply don’t know enough Turkish to translate:

ENEMA: a solution introduced into the rectum to promote evacuation of faeces or as a means of introducing nutrients, medicinal substances, or opaque material for radiologic examination of the lower intestinal tract. (Medical Online Dictionary)

Now I wish to introduce to you the seftali which is pronounced sheftarlih:

It’s the peaches that I want you to focus on please.

Yes seftali is the Turkish for peach. This picture was taken in the dining room of the villa and the peaches were picked from the trees in the garden. In fact we had so many peaches we really didn’t know what to do with them. We cooked them as many different ways as we could as we seemed to have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are beautiful, yummy, juicy, tasty, absolutely scrumptious and best of all…..FREE! Very different from those hard bullet like peaches you get in the UK. Here’s the peach tree in action…..

The peaches on the ground were knocked there by the local red squirrels!

Anyway, we invited Emina to eat with us one evening and it was then that we found out that saying the word peach in English translates into a rude word in Turkish. Emina erupted into fits of giggles as she mimed what it means as she doesn’t have the English vocabulary to explain:

PIC (Pronounced ‘pitch’) n. bastard, illegitimate child, natural child, bastard slip 
 adj. bastard, illegitimate, baseborn, misbegotten, spurious (Turkish to English Online Translation website)
Can you imagine Emina’s mime??
So every time a Brit goes to ask for a kilo of peaches (which the Turkish hear as ‘pitches’)………Well I know I would have to giggle!
To finish off, here’s a sunset from the balcony of the villa…..

This happens every night!!

That’s about all for now.

See ya


Been Away a While (4th September 2012)

Well, I have been offline for a while, but now I’m back and hoping for a daily blog to emerge.

But first, one of the reasons I’ve not been a-blogging is a wonderful 3 and a half week holiday in Turkey. This took place in a beautiful villa…..

It’s as glorious as it looks!

And if you want a look at the surrounding countryside and mountains……

Mountains everywhere!

And here’s the other direction……

The beginnings of a sunset!

But not all was sweetness and light for a nearby villa had been left ungardened for a few months and a few of its trees were growing rather large. Horrors!!!!…..there was a possibility of our views being obscured by waving fruit trees and a large set of sycamores!!!

There was nothing for it….I had to act fast. I found myself an axe(!) and put on my disguise…….

Cunning disguise!

Had it not been for the legs I could have been taken for a local!

Anyway over the next few days, a slightly mad, disguised and possibly crazed English woman could be seen sweating profusely, sawing down trees and hauling the branches to the local forest. Hot work in 45 degrees!

The effect was one much tidier garden for that villa and our view was beautiful and unobstructed once more.

As you may know, I love taking pictures of wildlife and flowers so just to keep up with myself, here’s rather a good  (if I say so myself!) photo of a Turkish dragonfly….

Merhaba! (That means ‘hello’ in Turkish).

Well that’s me done for today and maybe tomorrow I’ll tell you about my falling out with an olive!


See ya!


Dragonfly and a glimpse of my future?

I haven’t been at home much recently as I have been staying with my mother, ‘she who was caught speeding at 81’ as she is sometimes known!  She has a small dog called Rocky who obviously needs walks and so we have spent time in the Buckinghamshire countryside walking by the River Thames. On one particular day there were some workers strimming the river path. They were working about 100 metres apart. The first one offered us some advice as we approached, which was to alert the other worker to our presence otherwise we might have the painful experience of strimmed ankles! Rocky went on the lead as it wouldn’t have been his ankles that were in danger with him being a small dog, and we continued our walk. I began to wonder if I should perhaps jump up and down a little to attract the other worker’s attention. Fortunately this was not necessary and the said gentleman stopped strimming to let us pass. Unfortunately for him just as we passed I spotted a  dragonfly-a beautiful luminescent blue one-and nothing could divert my attention from that dragonfly and obtaining a photo. I managed to get several and here is one:

What a beauty!

I moved further and further into the bushes to get the ultimate shot and it was then that I noticed that the very loud strimming sound had stopped completely. I looked round and saw that the strimmer chappy was waiting for me to finish my photography before he recommenced his work. He had a look of weary irritation on his face and all of a sudden I was reminded of my last blog-‘Orange Tip and Finger Tip’, in which someone was watching me once again in the bushes, camera in hand and a look of triumph on my face as I got that elusive photo.

‘Can’t resist a dragonfly,’ I shouted to him as if this would explain everything, ‘just one more shot!’

He leaned on his strimmer and nodded and I’m not sure if I saw one of his eyebrows raised! But look at this photo:

Strim ye not whilst I take the shot!

Now you may be wondering why I have given this blog the name of ‘Dragonfly and a glimpse of my future’?

Well as my mother and I were walking back, I took this photo of her:

Mother and Rocky

Actually if I look like this when I’m 81 (though perhaps with slightly longer trousers!) I won’t be doing too badly eh?

See Ya x

Cinnabar Moth in the Field 15th June

Last year I saw my very first yellow and black striped caterpillar and here is is the photo I took of a bunch of them:

Ragwort-good for cinnabar caterpillars-not good for cattle or horses!

So this little caterpillar eats the ragwort which makes it ‘unpalatable’, maybe even poisonous. Mind you I wasn’t thinking of eating one!! Actually poisonous to predators!

Once they have eaten their fill and done what caterpillars do they turn into this:

Cinnabar moth

If you had seen me in the field yesterday, chasing around after 2 of these moths…you would have laughed. I pretty much looked like a mad woman…but I got the shot I wanted.

See Ya xx

How I felt about News Books-aged 9. June 14th

Still with the subject of ‘What is in my parent’s loft’, I have a News Book to show today. I have to say first that, as an ex-teacher (HURRAY!), I am convinced that there is very little merit in News Books as a regular activity. However here are the ways in which they are useful:

  • They are brilliant wasters of time if you arrive on a Monday morning and have done little in the way of preparation.
  • Once in a while, perhaps when studying Samuel Pepys, they are a valid educational activity.
  • If you want to know what the parents get up to at the weekend then you can glean much information from the News Books page.

So here are three pages from my October 1970 News Book:



For the record:

  • The Hawtree’s were our neighbours.
  • Keith was my age and he made me nervous.
  • I don’t remember them having a dog!
  • Keith’s mother knocked me off my red and silver raleigh bike in her drive way on a different occasion.
  • It was years later I heard rumours of drink being involved.
  • I really scraped my elbow badly on her wretched drive.

Short and Sweet!

Either we weren’t given much time to write these News Books or my contempt for them was showing at the tender age of 9!


Obviously desperate for material methinks!!

I don’t think I need to say any more!

See Ya xx

What can happen to your hair! 24th May

Perhaps you should have worn a hat!

I thought I’d start with the picture today as seen above!

Well, the loft clearing and sorting continues at my mother’s house and when I was there yesterday I found another childhood gem of a painting. Now, I have to tell you it is not my painting-I preferred drawing animals. Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s the work of my sister. She didn’t, however, dictate the drawing to me (like she did with her story of the other day), no, this one was done by her own fair hands. It all belongs to her-the idea and everything! (Don’t worry sister, I have left it at mum’s house.)

I say this to my sister because whilst she does not have a Facebook account, her husband does and he, I am sure, rushes in each night to check what I have written in my blog and then enthusiastically calls his wife over to read the latest exciting instalment!

Below I have listed what I believe this painting tells us:

  1. It is definitely a warning of the dangers of not checking the weather forecast when one has had one’s hair done.
  2. It shows us the dangers of wanting our hair to be anything other than what it is.
  3. It is a clear indicator of how, these days, image is everything.
  4. It tells us not to allow our days to be influenced by how we look (or how much we weigh) but to think on more important matters! (Deep!!)
  5. It shows us that when you want to draw a nose, you can use musical notation…one minim facing one way and another facing the other!

I am still looking for a painting of a bull preparing to charge that my brother created when in Mrs. Hazelwood’s class. It caused much mirth back then!

See ya xx

Lupin update and news from the sea monkeys (May 15th)

Now, I wrote in some detail about the probable sad demise of my lupin. But wait, what did I spot in my garden today?? Well look at the following photo and you will see!!

Look at that thrusting prong of Lupin!

So, there seems to be something going on. Could the internet be wrong in its assertion that Lupins Cannot Be Divided?? I jolly well hope so for three lupins from two is saving me money whilst increasing my pleasure, which is never a bad thing!

But on to the sea monkeys. Why do I have them? Well I’m looking after them for travelling youngsters who were out of the country for 2 months on an Indian excursion. They have been back since March and I am becoming suspicious that the sea monkeys do not mean a lot to them. Here’s what they look like:

Many and prolific little blighters!

They are odd, they do not look like monkeys and quite frankly they do not do much.

On the lupin count I am hopeful.

On the sea monkey count I am not!

See Ya xx