What can happen to your hair! 24th May

Perhaps you should have worn a hat!

I thought I’d start with the picture today as seen above!

Well, the loft clearing and sorting continues at my mother’s house and when I was there yesterday I found another childhood gem of a painting. Now, I have to tell you it is not my painting-I preferred drawing animals. Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s the work of my sister. She didn’t, however, dictate the drawing to me (like she did with her story of the other day), no, this one was done by her own fair hands. It all belongs to her-the idea and everything! (Don’t worry sister, I have left it at mum’s house.)

I say this to my sister because whilst she does not have a Facebook account, her husband does and he, I am sure, rushes in each night to check what I have written in my blog and then enthusiastically calls his wife over to read the latest exciting instalment!

Below I have listed what I believe this painting tells us:

  1. It is definitely a warning of the dangers of not checking the weather forecast when one has had one’s hair done.
  2. It shows us the dangers of wanting our hair to be anything other than what it is.
  3. It is a clear indicator of how, these days, image is everything.
  4. It tells us not to allow our days to be influenced by how we look (or how much we weigh) but to think on more important matters! (Deep!!)
  5. It shows us that when you want to draw a nose, you can use musical notation…one minim facing one way and another facing the other!

I am still looking for a painting of a bull preparing to charge that my brother created when in Mrs. Hazelwood’s class. It caused much mirth back then!

See ya xx