Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle 3

I’m going to stretch the title of ‘Circle’ today because as we are in 2d the following photos have circles in them….However, in 3d, they are spheres….what can I say?

Oh what a pretty looking plant All pink and light light green.......

Oh what a pretty looking plant
All pink and light light green…….

And here's another Just like the other The sweetest flower I've seen!

And here’s another
Just like the other
The sweetest flower I’ve seen!

But hold your horses, wait a mo

Look how big it’s got

It stands at least 8 inches tall

Shy wallflower-I think not!……


As always let’s take a closer look

Oh my how green and pink

But this sweet plant is bisexual (so I’m informed!)

Now doesn’t that make you think!


Bushy, spreading, hairless

A smelly, perennial shrub

This plant is called an Inkweed

Not welcome in any country club!

‘Dense, erect, cylindrical’ describes the flower clusters

But  look what happens very soon

Oh what a great big buster……


IMG_2421 P1020099

Soon life’s circle is whizzing around

And the berries lose their lustre


And in no time at all

A tired droop is all he can muster!!


That’s All!

See Ya xx

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

This is Inkweed….

and I think it’s very fresh looking!

It should be found in the USA and Australia.....

It should be found in the USA and Australia…..

But I have found it in Totternhoe in Bedfordshire.....

But I have found it in Totternhoe in Bedfordshire…..

I think the pink and the green are very.....FRESH colours!

I think the pink and the green are very…..FRESH colours!

I am completely fascinated by this plant!




Here’s an arty ‘looking upwards against the blue sky’ type shot of it!



In case you’re interested, here are the links to my other posts on Inkweed:




That’s All!

See Ya xx

Look at this! Inkweed!

In October last year I wrote a post about a plant I found with the most amazing fruit/berry. I had no idea what it was! Thanks to other ‘WordPressers’ I found out that the plant was called Inkweed and is native to America and Australia! So what it’s doing in a small village in Bedfordshire I have never quite fathomed!

Here’s the link to the original post where I was trying to find out what it was if you fancy a look!


So when I was at the allotment the other day, what should I notice but the very same inkweed (Hank as I called him back then!) but this time ‘Hank’ is in full and very pretty pink flower! Not sure if Hank is an appropriate name now!

Have a look at this!



IMG_5321Isn’t it pretty!

Some close up shots…..



IMG_5341You just wouldn’t think something this beautiful could be poisonous!!





Oh, by the way….its flower is bisexual and and the flowerhead is erect! Don’t tut at me, that’s what it said in the description!


And here’s a photo is it in full berry last October….

What a beauty!

What a beauty!


That’s All!

See Ya xx

Inkweed update!

Feel like I’ve been away from blogging for ages, though in truth it’s only a few days. I was going to show you some photos of ivy but I happened to go to my allotment and remembered my old mate the ink weed. So that is what I bring you today.

Don’t forget to hover over the photos!

Well poor old Inkweed isn’t long for this world I would say!

Here is the once proud beast himself…

Poor old Hank!

And here’s an even sadder shot of Hank really close up….


For those of you who know nothing of this beastie….It is the Inkweed and it comes from the USA and Australia but I found some here in England in the village I live in!

This is my third update on its history and life!

This is what it looked like when I first found it at the beginning of September….

How the mighty are fallen!

I think it is amazing and I will keep watching Hank (story of his name in previous blog!) and keeping updates.

I am going to finish on a photo of a rather lovely swan that I saw by the canal today…..

What a beauty!

And one last one….

And with that Sigourney Swan turned tail and was gone!

 That’s all!

See Ya xx

Inkweed update and silly stuff!

You may (or may not!) remember my blog which asked the question…”But what is it?” at the beginning of October.

The answer was Inkweed!

What had happened was I had photographed a plant and its berries and put them on a blog to find out if anyone knew what it was! To cut a long story short someone thought it was related to Pokeweed, which led me to discovering that it was Inkweed (though what this plant, native to North America and Australia, was doing not far from London I’ll never know!).

Here’s the original photo-it’s about 8 inches long……(not the photo, the fruity planty thing!)

A fine specimen!

You will have to read my blog “This is what it is” to find out why he is called Hank!

Anyway, this was taken toward the end of September, so I thought it would be good to see what it looked like now…..

Notice the Autumnal feel around Hank

And here’s a real good old close up!

The small(ish) pips seem to be opening out.


I will go and take more photos in a week or so to keep you updated!

Here’s the silly bit….

Sometimes I feel quite laughy

And then sometimes I don’t

But if you slip on banana skin

I’ll laugh, don’t think I won’t

Sometimes I can be naughty

Sometimes I can be rude

But you will never ever ever

See me in the nude!

And that’s all!

See Ya xx