Weekly Photo Challenge: Quest

Harry Hoverfly’s been sent on a Quest

To find out all he can

About what’s living in his local field

At least that was the plan!

Instead he found himself caught in the sun

On a warm ‘end of summer’ day

The writing was far too big for him

So there he decided to stay!


And strangely Sidney the Snail

Was also sent on a quest

The local map was covered in dew

He considered himself truly blessed

On the water he could quickly glide

And suss out which way to go

To find the most tasty food he could get

Which was under the weeping willow!


That’s All!

See Ya xx

Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

Barney the Bloody-Nosed Beetle’s bad day on the Edge!


Barney the Bloody-Nosed Beetle

Found himself one day on a stick!

He thought it quite uncomfortable

And decided to leave pretty quick!

Sadly he lost his footing

And there in front of the hedge

He slipped and skidded all over the place

And nearly fell off the edge!


‘Twas a day of very good fortune

And Barney soon got himself straight

He there and then decided

That climbing sticks really wasn’t that great!


For more Edgy photos visit here!

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That’s All!

See Ya xx

Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration

There’s a whole lot of Admiration going on in the bird world…….


Here’s Charlie Chaffinch watching Renée Robin in admiration of his beautiful red breast…..


Meanwhile Renée Robin is watching Rita Wren and her beautiful petite form with equal admiration!


Mind you….Rita Wren thinks, “How I admire the beautiful colours on Gareth Goldfinch!” whilst gently sighing!


Gareth Goldfinch is no stranger to admiration as he watches Lady Blackcap perched so high and yet so delicately in the branches of the next tree!


Lady Blackcap, rather like me, cannot resist secretly watching Renée Robin’s brother Ralph who has found the perfect pose in the next tree!


Ralph Robin is in his own world!

But look……some others who have deep admiration for all these birds……..


After all, pigs might fly but sheep can’t!

For other possibly more sensible takes on admiration, click on the link at the top of this blog!

That’s All!

See Ya xx

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime

To continue with yesterday’s story of Dinnertime!

Remember….. it was Percival Pelican and Percilina Pelican and their flying fish dinner!


Percival and Percilina Pelican before their lunch! Percival is the one with the yellow under beak!


Back in the water…..what happens with one fish and 2 very large beaks……


Looks like Percilina has managed to get there first!




Disengage Percival!


Funny looking really!

That’s All!

See Ya xx

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime

This week Michelle has asked us to share an image inspired by dinnertime.

“Ah!” I thought, “Pelicans!”


Meet the handsome Percival Pelican!


“FISH!” squawked Percival!

His lady love Percilina Pelican came to join him…..


Percilina Pelican knew that once Percival got this demanding, with wide open beak, fish would soon be coming his way!


Percival was not much of a gent and snaffled the fish up straight away! Percilina could only look on and hope that now she was in front, it would be her turn next!


Percilina was delighted when she felt the gentle thud of the fish landing in her deeply elastic bottom beak!

Come back tomorrow to see what happens when Percival and Percilina both go for the same fish!

That’s All!

See Ya xx

Weekly Photo Challenge: Future

The challenge this week is to share photos with the theme of Future.

This I will do!


Grady O’ Grebe looked at his reflection and resolved to use a different hairdresser in the future!



Yehudi Yellowhammer resolved to wear a vest in the future on these bright yet chilly Spring mornings-plumping up his feathers just wasn’t doing it for him!

That’s All!

See Ya xx


Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle 3

I’m going to stretch the title of ‘Circle’ today because as we are in 2d the following photos have circles in them….However, in 3d, they are spheres….what can I say?

Oh what a pretty looking plant All pink and light light green.......

Oh what a pretty looking plant
All pink and light light green…….

And here's another Just like the other The sweetest flower I've seen!

And here’s another
Just like the other
The sweetest flower I’ve seen!

But hold your horses, wait a mo

Look how big it’s got

It stands at least 8 inches tall

Shy wallflower-I think not!……


As always let’s take a closer look

Oh my how green and pink

But this sweet plant is bisexual (so I’m informed!)

Now doesn’t that make you think!


Bushy, spreading, hairless

A smelly, perennial shrub

This plant is called an Inkweed

Not welcome in any country club!

‘Dense, erect, cylindrical’ describes the flower clusters

But  look what happens very soon

Oh what a great big buster……


IMG_2421 P1020099

Soon life’s circle is whizzing around

And the berries lose their lustre


And in no time at all

A tired droop is all he can muster!!


That’s All!

See Ya xx