You’ve taken a picture of that???

Yes I have…..


So, I went for a walk this afternoon to blow away the cobwebs and I chose the canal as my exercise arena.

A little way along I stopped to look into a side ditch of water to see what I could see! I casually leaned on the railing. Then I looked directly down and saw the s%%% looking stuff in the above picture!

‘Urghh,’ thought I, ‘I wonder what wretched creature did that? And I wonder if they sat on this railing and dropped that?’

Then I leapt back to check they hadn’t mis-dropped!….Phew, luckily not!

‘This needs a closer look!’ I thought and got down (and dirty!) to see….

Ohh there’s more!

Well I have to tell you, there was loads of ‘it’ and what ‘it’ was I knew not! I had a feeling ‘it’ was perhaps a fungus of some kind.

So I took another shot…

This one is about 1 and a half to 2 inches in size. The mushroom is minuscule!

And of course, I took another one…

But…what is it?

I shall tell you what it is. I have done extensive research using words like ‘fungus’ and ‘jelly’, using both search and images on google.

Any ideas what it might be?

Yep…that’s right……

Jelly Fungus!

So That’s Julia Jelly, Jenny Jelly, Jasmine Jelly and  Jillian Jelly all caught on camera!

Apparently you can eat it. And I say ‘you’- not me!

That’s all!

See Ya xx

The Camel Spider Experience!

It had been another hot day on our Turkish holiday, approximately 45 degrees, and travelling buddy and I had had a hard morning by the pool, sunbathing, reading, swimming….you get the picture. We then had a beer (turkish beer called Efes-very nice) and continued holidaying vigourously. A little later we decided that it was time to become recumbent out of the sun. So we picked up our books, kindle and iPad and retreated to the living room…..

Ample space for retreating from the sun for a short while.

I positioned myself on the settee by the wall whilst travelling buddy started moving cushions on the other settee for ultimate comfort. Suddenly she moved faster than I have ever seen her move before, clutching her arms around herself and hyper-ventilating! Whilst rearranging the cushions, she had picked one up and underneath it was this…….

No wonder she looked a little startled!

Now obviously this is not the photo of the incident…the floors of the villa are tiles not mud! I didn’t manage to get a photo at the time but wanted you to be able to see the great big blighter!

Anyway, on with the story. This camel spider had been sitting quietly, minding his own business underneath one of the aforementioned cushions being plumped for comfort before being rudely disturbed. But once exposed, it remained quite still and was very accommodating as I placed a large jar over it. I can honestly say I have never seen any spider like it. It was gross yet fascinating. It had 8 legs and then those two antennae positioned leg lookalikes flailing in the air. It was about 15cm long. But that beak….oh it was so horrible. I have managed to find another photo but a little closer up….

Ugh ugh ugh!

What can I say? If you were to google camel spiders then you could see videos of them too….if you wanted!

So, camel spider under the cushion got unceremoniously thrown over the garden wall so that travelling buddy and I could get on with the business of relaxation and more beer drinking to calm our nerves.

That’s all for now, but I might find another creepy crawly story for another day!!

See Ya xx