Been Away a While (4th September 2012)

Well, I have been offline for a while, but now I’m back and hoping for a daily blog to emerge.

But first, one of the reasons I’ve not been a-blogging is a wonderful 3 and a half week holiday in Turkey. This took place in a beautiful villa…..

It’s as glorious as it looks!

And if you want a look at the surrounding countryside and mountains……

Mountains everywhere!

And here’s the other direction……

The beginnings of a sunset!

But not all was sweetness and light for a nearby villa had been left ungardened for a few months and a few of its trees were growing rather large. Horrors!!!!…..there was a possibility of our views being obscured by waving fruit trees and a large set of sycamores!!!

There was nothing for it….I had to act fast. I found myself an axe(!) and put on my disguise…….

Cunning disguise!

Had it not been for the legs I could have been taken for a local!

Anyway over the next few days, a slightly mad, disguised and possibly crazed English woman could be seen sweating profusely, sawing down trees and hauling the branches to the local forest. Hot work in 45 degrees!

The effect was one much tidier garden for that villa and our view was beautiful and unobstructed once more.

As you may know, I love taking pictures of wildlife and flowers so just to keep up with myself, here’s rather a good  (if I say so myself!) photo of a Turkish dragonfly….

Merhaba! (That means ‘hello’ in Turkish).

Well that’s me done for today and maybe tomorrow I’ll tell you about my falling out with an olive!


See ya!