Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes


I love looking at things in detail, particularly close ups of nature.

So, after chasing after many of these little dragonflies only to be thwarted when I caught up with them as I watched them fly off, I was very pleased to get one good photo!

This one was about an inch and a half long…..

Dee Dee Dragonfly giggled as she thought of the merry dance she had led that odd photographer woman. It was the least she could do to let her get one photo!

Dee Dee Dragonfly giggled as she thought of the merry dance she had led that odd photographer woman. It was the least she could do to let her get one photo!


That’s All!

See Ya xx

Weekly PhotoChallenge: Green 4

More Greenery for You!

Ducks’ Tails and Dragonflies

Today I wish to tell you about a jealous secret I have had for many years and it is to do with my mother! This secret jealousy has made me want to steal!! And, of course, once I steal (which I haven’t yet!), I will then have to lie! None of this is good practise for family relations which at present are in fine form!

So thus I will begin my confessional:

It is to do with ducks….duck feathers to be exact!

Did you know that male ducks have a little curly feather near their tails…sort of on top of their back but at the tail end? Well maybe you should take a look one day, they are very wonderful. And the wonderful thing about them is the shape of the feather. Oh dear, I don’t believe I am expressing myself very well at all…perhaps a photo would be better. This is not terribly clear but you will be able to see what I mean I hope!

Can you see the curly tail feathers?

So the jealousy is down to the fact that Mother found not one but two drake tail feathers! And she won’t give one to me (mind you, I wouldn’t give them away either!) and I know it may not seem like much to you……

Anyway I was allowed to take photos of them and so in honour of how much I like them I placed one of them on red cloth:

I love it and covet it!

Here are the two of them free styling!

My mother owns two….grrrr!

Anyway, I was in the process of forcing my mother to look at my blog (which I do once a week whether she likes it or not!) and she was looking at the one where I took photos of the large dragonfly. Anyway then she said, “I’ve got one of those!” and proceeded to rush to a secret place (she has many) and pulled out a box. And in that box was this:

Mother has had this for many a year.

I took a series of photos and close ups which follow (Don’t forget, one click over one of these photos and they become nice and big):

Sadly I put the dragonfly on the royal red carpet too but one of its’ legs got caught and came right off….Oops!

To finish, here’s a rather jolly photo of a slightly smug and self satisfied duck!

Cor luvver duck!

And that’s all!

See Ya xx

Wood store, New Zealand and Large Dragonfly!

So today I want to show something I built, all on my own (well with a little help…but not much!) using planks of wood and brackets!

It’s a wood store or a log store-whatever you want to call it! It’s about 7 feet wide and 4 and a half feet tall and I am very proud.

Pleased pleased pleased moi!

And from a slightly different angle!!!

Still pleased!

And one in the evening light!



Now on to where my travelling forever son James is…..Yep, New Zealand. On his face book page was just an amazing shot which I nicked to put on here…..

I think that’s a brilliant photo.

And finally, I went a walkin’ this afternoon, camera in pocket, smile on face on a mission to buy eggs. Not an exciting or interesting story yet I hear you cry. Well yes, you’re right, but on the way back I went the wood way…..and it was there I saw this 10cm dragonfly. Please bear in mind it decided to land very high up in the tree thus making it slightly awkward to photograph…..

Huge or what?

And another….

He kept still for so long.


Two at once now….

I wish he wasn’t so high up and hard to reach!

It’s not easy tip toeing in this wind!


And finally the last one when the sun just came out and caught his wings….

Oh Yes!

And that’s all!

See ya xx


Dragonfly and a glimpse of my future?

I haven’t been at home much recently as I have been staying with my mother, ‘she who was caught speeding at 81’ as she is sometimes known!  She has a small dog called Rocky who obviously needs walks and so we have spent time in the Buckinghamshire countryside walking by the River Thames. On one particular day there were some workers strimming the river path. They were working about 100 metres apart. The first one offered us some advice as we approached, which was to alert the other worker to our presence otherwise we might have the painful experience of strimmed ankles! Rocky went on the lead as it wouldn’t have been his ankles that were in danger with him being a small dog, and we continued our walk. I began to wonder if I should perhaps jump up and down a little to attract the other worker’s attention. Fortunately this was not necessary and the said gentleman stopped strimming to let us pass. Unfortunately for him just as we passed I spotted a  dragonfly-a beautiful luminescent blue one-and nothing could divert my attention from that dragonfly and obtaining a photo. I managed to get several and here is one:

What a beauty!

I moved further and further into the bushes to get the ultimate shot and it was then that I noticed that the very loud strimming sound had stopped completely. I looked round and saw that the strimmer chappy was waiting for me to finish my photography before he recommenced his work. He had a look of weary irritation on his face and all of a sudden I was reminded of my last blog-‘Orange Tip and Finger Tip’, in which someone was watching me once again in the bushes, camera in hand and a look of triumph on my face as I got that elusive photo.

‘Can’t resist a dragonfly,’ I shouted to him as if this would explain everything, ‘just one more shot!’

He leaned on his strimmer and nodded and I’m not sure if I saw one of his eyebrows raised! But look at this photo:

Strim ye not whilst I take the shot!

Now you may be wondering why I have given this blog the name of ‘Dragonfly and a glimpse of my future’?

Well as my mother and I were walking back, I took this photo of her:

Mother and Rocky

Actually if I look like this when I’m 81 (though perhaps with slightly longer trousers!) I won’t be doing too badly eh?

See Ya x