Costa Rican Reptiles

So we met some rather lovely reptiles including this handsome chap in Tortuguero……

We don’t have these in the undergrowth in the UK!
I just love the folds on his skin!

Then we met these two lizards, the first being the female and the second the male.

Then to finish, this casual chap and his higher shadow!

That’s All!

See Ya xx

Arenal-Costa Rica

Arenal, the home of a volcano that last erupted 60 years ago! Sadly for us, there was a lot of cloud and we didn’t manage to fully see the volcano, but we did hike up to see the cloud surrounding it a little clearer!!

However, I was very excited on the way up as we saw the bird I most wanted to see….the Keel Billed Toucan……….

Those colours!

Now-in Europe we don’t see hummingbirds, so there was great excitement a brewing for me as I knew there would be lots……Here’s my first ever photo of a hummingbird….IN REAL LIFE!!

A Rufous-tailed hummingbird
Here’s a bedraggled one in silhouette after a heavy downpour!
When I first saw this bird I thought it was a cardinal, but then I thought it was a tanager….I’m still not positive but he was lovely all the same.
And apparently I’m partial to the Social Flycatcher who is all over the place in Costa Rica but very pretty with it!
And I suppose I need to include a photo of the half obscured volcano!

That’s All!

See Ya xx

Costa Rican Flowers

On our recent holiday to Costa Rica, I was amazed at the vivid brightness of the flowers that were everywhere! But first, where did we see them? Here’s a map of Costa Rica and a cunningly placed arrow showing where I took the photos of these particular flowers! Tortuguero-which is on the Caribbean side of the country-is very hot and surprisingly wet for the dry season! I think they should rename their seasons ‘The Wet Season’ and ‘The Even Wetter Season”!

This is a passion flower native to Central America.
Small heliconia
Bamboo orchids grow everywhere and they grow to about 2 metres tall and have lots of flowers.
Achiote harbouring a small bug! This is sometimes used as a food colouring.
I don’t know what this is!

And to finish…….

I believe this plant is called Hooker’s Lips?? I wonder why!

That’s All!

See Ya xx

Costa Rica!!

We have just got back from Costa Rica, a holiday of different weathers, temperatures and birds!

Our first stop was Tortuguero, which is a National Park and the hotel we stayed at was only accessible by boat!

This little chap was everywhere-he’s a social flycatcher.
This is a Little Blue Heron sitting quietly waiting for some unsuspecting fish….

Whilst we were in Tortuguero it was very hot and fairly wet. The next picture is at about 5.45am and the weather is both sunny and rainy, though we had just had a downpour!

We were on an early morning boat safari……

This beauty is a Bare Throated Tiger Heron.
This one looks rather like a cormorant but is an Anhinga.

So that’s a just a few of the first birds we encountered in Costa Rica….more to come!

That’s All!

See Ya xx