Macro Monday

Where I live the earth is very chalky….very very chalky!

And there is a teeny weeny butterfly who rather likes chalk….well I think that’s the case as its name is The Chalkhill Blue!

Here's Charlie-Boy Chalkhill Blue!

Here’s Charlie-Boy Chalkhill Blue!

Even Charlie-Boy's underwing is pretty!

Even Charlie-Boy’s underwing is pretty!

And you have no doubt guessed that the female is a quite pleasant brown rather than a beautiful powder blue! Oh nature how cruel!

That’s All!

See Ya xx

Chalkhill Blue!

Where I live is a chalk hill!

I’m not kidding…I dig in my garden and end up quarrying large lumps of chalk!

The advantage, however is the Chalkhill Blue butterfly!

And here he is in the fields behind my house!

Charlie the Chalkhill Blue!

Charlie the Chalkhill Blue!


He like to live life on the edge....

He likes to live life on the edge….


....and sometimes upside down!

….and sometimes upside down!

That’s All!

See Ya xx