What is it??

I was walking today and just down in the hedgerow I saw this little critter!



But I can’t find out what he is!!

He was about half an inch long.

I shall call him Baringer the Brown!

I shall call him Baringer the Brown!

That’s All!

See Ya xx

Cinnabar Moth in the Field 15th June

Last year I saw my very first yellow and black striped caterpillar and here is is the photo I took of a bunch of them:

Ragwort-good for cinnabar caterpillars-not good for cattle or horses!

So this little caterpillar eats the ragwort which makes it ‘unpalatable’, maybe even poisonous. Mind you I wasn’t thinking of eating one!! Actually poisonous to predators!

Once they have eaten their fill and done what caterpillars do they turn into this:

Cinnabar moth

If you had seen me in the field yesterday, chasing around after 2 of these moths…you would have laughed. I pretty much looked like a mad woman…but I got the shot I wanted.

See Ya xx