Poppies and One Poem (not about poppies!)

Today was windy and fabulous.

I had finished pickling the current pickled onions that had been sitting in salt over night, I had hammered a picture hook in the wall, I had been hideous food shopping and, this is hard to confess….I had watched last night’s Dallas episode.

Now was the time for a walk, so off I went. Armed with my camera, as always, I tramped through fields and eventually found something I wanted to photograph!

A poppy seed head.

But before I show you the pic I want to go back through yon poppy’s life cycle with you.

A bud, a bud!

And after a little while and the summer sun, Pete Le Poppy (remember to hover) explodes into this….

Good Eh?

Summer progressed and Pete Le Poppy’s petals fell off….

The snails seem happy too!

Just another similar shot that I rather like now…

Did you realise poppies were so hairy!?

So now it’s Autumn, there isn’t so much green…in fact I think one could say that the seed heads look quite dry! Here’s a selection of those that I found….

They are a bit like the chinese lantern with the seeds inside.

See what I mean?

All the seeds have gone.

Here’s the pattern on the end…

Lovely pattern.

I have collected as many seed as I can and will fling them about in my garden tomorrow!

Here’s one last large shot of Pete Le Poppy…

We will remember you Pete

Now, the poem…

Sometimes when I’m lonely

Sometimes when I’m sad

I sit down in front of the mirror

And pull faces that look really bad!!

That’s all!

See Ya xx

More Insects and More Excuses!

Well, before I start my excuses for not having blogged for a week, I will tell you about watering my garden. Now I can already feel you quivering with excitement at the thought, but hold yourselves together for here it all comes.

Sometimes, as every gardener knows, you have to water your pots and indeed your garden, So one day last week, I knew it was that time, especially as the pretty little violas that had been recently planted seemed to be touching their toes instead of standing up proud. Hose out, water on and off I went. And here are some photos of the aforementioned violas….

So pretty

Also pretty

However, in my watering fervour I had failed to notice a small but vital bee that had been visiting the violas moments before the commencement of my watering frenzy! This was the result……

One doused bee!

Notice the large water globule upon his head!

Don’t forget you can make these pictures bigger by clicking on them. Also don’t forget to hover your mouse over the pics for inane comments.

Poor old Betrand spent the next hour or so climbing to the top of the stem of a viola and then seemed to fall down again. Mind you, I wasn’t about to put my finger in to help…thought that might be a little foolish with an angry bee!

Here’s one last photo of a wet bee…..

I like this photo!

Now quickly quickly quickly…..I have been ill, indeed still feel grim…It was, I thought, my chest. There I was, trying a new fitness regime which included swimming and or walking in the morning at about 7am. All was going well until I began to feel unwell one week and one day into it! Sigh!!

So by Friday last week I felt grotty enough to go to the docs to see if it was a chest infection. A very nice lady doctor, who seemed to be about 12, invited me to sit down. I told her that my chest was feeling tight and that, though she wouldn’t know what my voice sounded like, it didn’t normally sound like it did just then! Indeed even my voice was tight I told her. She then proceeded to ask me if I had had pain down my arms and in my jaw!! Well, as someone who will occasionally look up symptoms on the internet(!) I knew she was wondering if I had had/was having a heart attack!!

‘Ha ha ha!’ I laughed, ‘I don’t think it’s a heart attack!’

She continued undeterred whilst I began to panic inside…indeed I felt a hysteria attack was on its way and that would herald me being very very silly very very soon. Oh dear oh dear…..I was right too…..

She asked me if I had had any trouble eating or drinking! It was at this point that that I burst out laughing. She asked me why I was laughing, which made me laugh more. If you knew me you would know that I have never had any trouble eating and particularly any trouble drinking!

To cut a long story short she gave me some antibiotics in case it was an infection but told me I must come back in if it got any worse (meaning the heart attack symptoms!). Well, my virus/infection has got a little worse though the antibiotics are kicking in now, but I can definitely report that my heart is beating particularly well and shows no sign of abating!

The Lady Doctor was lovely and very kind to a slightly hysterical and maybe odd patient!

See Ya xx

Cinnabar Moth in the Field 15th June

Last year I saw my very first yellow and black striped caterpillar and here is is the photo I took of a bunch of them:

Ragwort-good for cinnabar caterpillars-not good for cattle or horses!

So this little caterpillar eats the ragwort which makes it ‘unpalatable’, maybe even poisonous. Mind you I wasn’t thinking of eating one!! Actually poisonous to predators!

Once they have eaten their fill and done what caterpillars do they turn into this:

Cinnabar moth

If you had seen me in the field yesterday, chasing around after 2 of these moths…you would have laughed. I pretty much looked like a mad woman…but I got the shot I wanted.

See Ya xx

Those were the Days! 25th May

Yes it’ a continuing saga of the loft discoveries.

First of all a glimpse of the 15 year old me and the machinations of my mind:

Did my maths teacher not mind?

Ah now I look even closer I see that it was Miss Fulton who was the teacher. Sadly she was a large lady and her name caused much girly giggling. I was actually quite good at maths and always completed the work fast, hence I had nothing better to do than mess about with Mel and Julie once tasks were completed! You can see I was in group A. Now on thinking further, after I got my ‘O’ level results and found I had a ‘B’ grade, I went to Miss Fulton and said that I quite fancied doing maths ‘A’ level. She wasn’t very nice really and just said, rather abruptly before walking off, ‘Not in my class you’re not!’

Not sure she liked me!

Mel, Julie and I were great friends but you can see there was quite a bit of (puerile) banter:

  1. Graphs are stupid, so is Mel.
  2. Julie is a turd-this is old English Folk. 
  3. Julie and Mel are both spongy mesophyll.
  4. Julie is a prothallus.
  5. Mel is a pyrenoid. 
Was I highly intelligent back then and have forgotten what these things are?

Spongy Mesophyll of a ………LUPIN!!

A  Spongy mesophyll is an open and spongy layer in a plant which is specialized for gas exchange….well I never! I expect the gas exchange was what hooked me on learning what the word meant!

Fernilly enough I like this image!

 A Prothallus is a small, flat, delicate structure produced by a germinating spore….would you ever? (Best seen in ferns apparently!)

Don’t get pyrenoid!!

Pyrenoids are proteinaceous regions of the chloroplast found in algae and some bryophytes but not in higher plants. Very insulting, in fact, the most insulting of these three!
So there we have it-my summing of the friends of my youth! All very biological. Must have been doing Plant Life in Biology class. I might add I was quite good at biology too.
And that’s it!
See Ya xx