Literary Efforts!

I need say no more than the title!

Thus I begin….

I watched a prog on the telly

‘Bout a man who painted on bricks

He then charged lots of money

When he put them together as pics!

He looked just like that!

I have some bricks in my cellar

I’ve got some paint and I’m off

You never know, maybe one day

I’ll be as famous as Van Gogh!

(Note to American friends, in the UK we say Van Goff which definitely makes the poem rhyme better!)

Happy as anything making money out of old bricks!


Lemurs are unique to Madagascar

That’s something I never knew

They are very very comical

With their sideways leap and rear view….

Ah cute!



My lover has a cold nose

And sometimes it gently drips

I think I’m going to get my love

Some pretty pink nose clips!


If my belly wasn’t so big

I couldn’t eat my dinner

So, if my meal was smaller

Then maybe I’d get thinner!

This poem could be alarmingly insightful!


Well, it’s Sunday afternoon…why not write a little drivel and enjoy yourself!

That’s all!

See Ya xx