Climbing Cows, Rhubarb, birds and berries!

If you have visited me before, you will know that my mother and her dog are staying with me. My mother is recuperating and the dog, Rocky, is mainly thinking about food!

We have walked and been to the local town today and armed, as always, with my camera I have some photos of today’s events for you!

I was astonished, when passing a local farm, to see a cow that had climbed on top of some large silage bags! Even more astonished when I realised that there was more than one-a small herd would be more accurate- and that they had ripped the plastic bags and were eating the silage!

“Follow me!” mooed Carol, “before the rest of the herd spot us and everything gets too crowded!”

She is definitely staring me down!

Silage is pasture grass that has been pickled!

This next photo is just an interesting (I think) shot of rhubarb near my allotment…

Does it look a little rude to you too?

Just before our walk I spotted a pigeon on the hedge, so I took a snap…or two…

“Oooh er,” said Percy, “this hedge is a little pricklier than I had anticipated!”

“Cor blimey, I can’t seem to take off… feet are killing me!” said Percy as he tried but failed to fly off!

I can’t seem to resist the berries that are around at the moment. These are woody nightshade berries and I guess you might say they are on their last legs….but they are still beautiful!

And finally, some beautiful pink…yes pink berries!


“All in pink to make the boys wink!” said Belinda, failing to realise her time was nearly up and she would soon become flaccid, dried up and brown!

Happens to the best of us!

That’s All!

See ya xx

Be berry berry careful!

Today the theme is poisonous berries…not necessarily a nice theme but there are some very beautiful berries out there.

Take this one-Deadly Nightshade, or as horticultural boffs might say Atropa Belladonna.

Here she is in varying shades of berry…..

Woody Nightshade you fool NOT Deadly nightshade!

Now then, you have caught me in the midst of a mistake, a faux pas, an idiot fool moment!

All my life I thought this plant was Deadly Nightshade (Atropa Belladonna) but literally 3 minutes ago, whilst checking my facts on the internet I found that this is the Woody Nightshade! Here’s a picture to go with a new fact for me!

Woody Nightshade!

So, whilst I’m reeling with the shock of my years of misinformation, another photo…


So it won’t kill you but it will:  increase bodily secretions and lead to vomiting and convulsions.

ie: Don’t eat it!

And finally, the beautiful purple flowers that come before the berries (Oh I’m all back to front and WRONG today!)

Very Pretty!

On to Black Bryony now which is lurking around my favourite scrumping patches. It drapes itself over blackberry bushes and elderberry trees and….here’s a photo of it doing just that…

Apparently Black Bryony is from the same family as the yam!

And, of course, a close up…

‘Bryony’ means ‘to be full to bursting!’

This is what Black Bryony will do to you: The berries are attractive and they can cause burning and blistering of the mouth and digestive system, resulting in vomiting and diarrhoea. The sap is also an irritant.

I think I will have to stop now as I feel I need to scour the internet for true facts about things I thought I knew! I may be away for some time!

See Ya xx