Weekly Photo Challenge: It Is Easy Being Green

This week it’s all to do with Green!

Lucy Ladybird has just ventured out to check the weather and make sure that her local leaves show off her beautiful red colouring!


Yes….success I think!


A soft and pretty green!

That’s All!

See Ya xx

Weekly Photo Challenge: It is Easy Being Green!

Barney the Bloody Nosed Beetle

Saw Betty, his latest sweetheart

He said, “Shall we meet by the nettles

And give our passion a little jumpstart?”


You see they’d recently grown distant

A coolness had entered their lives

But now with the Spring that was springing

Perhaps their love would survive

They met when they were just larvae

And love was new and sweet

Hanging around on green sticky weed

While their hearts used to skip a beat

Bethy look over at Barney

Her heart softened a little

“Is there sticky weed too?” she asked

Whilst trying to be noncommittal!

This story has a nice, happy ending

Their love was rekindled that day

And if you just don’t believe me

Here’s proof that it’s true what I say!


Everything is beginning to go green around here!! Spring is on the way!!

That’s All!

See Ya xx