Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

Barney the Bloody-Nosed Beetle’s bad day on the Edge!


Barney the Bloody-Nosed Beetle

Found himself one day on a stick!

He thought it quite uncomfortable

And decided to leave pretty quick!

Sadly he lost his footing

And there in front of the hedge

He slipped and skidded all over the place

And nearly fell off the edge!


‘Twas a day of very good fortune

And Barney soon got himself straight

He there and then decided

That climbing sticks really wasn’t that great!


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

Whilst on holiday in  Turkey recently I noticed that the dragonflies around the edge of the pool seemed to like either sitting right by the water of the swimming pool or perching on something tall and pokey!

So….I got my camera, sat on the edge of the pool, stuck my finger in the air and waited!

Look what happened………. (these are just 8 of many, many photos I managed to take!)







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