Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

Today’s photos under the title of Time feature Old Man’s Beard which is from the Clematis family.

IMG_6464 IMG_6465

And a little closer……

IMG_6469 IMG_6470

Apparently….Old man’s beard or ‘traveller’s joy’ or Clematis vitalba is a vigorous climber. The French name for old man’s beard is ‘herbe aux gueux’ – the beggar’s or rascal’s herb. This is a reference to its use by beggars; they used its acrid sap to irritate the skin to give it a sore and ulcerated look – in order to induce sympathy in, and perhaps a donation from, passers by!


And just because I can, here’s a seed head sending its young forth!!

"Fly seeds, fly....Be free and put you tender roots down and grow.....grow....grow!" said the Seed Head dramatically and poetically!

“Fly seeds, fly….Be free and put you tender roots down and grow…..grow….grow!” said the Seed Head dramatically and somewhat poetically!

That’s All!

See Ya xx

Grass Seed Head…Or What?

At the canal again and I found this, and lots of others, by the edge of the tow path….

"Ah!" said Gordon the grass seed head, "Nice background Ms. Le photographer....well done!"

“Ah!” said Gordon the grass seed head, “Nice background Ms. Le photographer….well done!”


A very similar shot but featuring a rather kissy plant trying to get in the shot!

A very similar photo but featuring a rather kissy plant trying to get in on the action!


I thought this was definitely a grass seed head until I saw this strange sort of join on the stalk. It was then I began to wonder if it was a fungus of some sort!

I thought this was definitely a grass seed head until I saw this strange sort of join on the stalk. It was then I began to wonder if it was a fungus of some sort!


As you can see, there were lots of them!

As you can see, there were lots of them!


This next one seems to be at the next stage…..


And this next one is my sorta arty shot!

IMG_2847If you know what it is…found by a canal in Bedfordshire, the UK, then please let me know!

That’s All!

See Ya x

Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

What inspires me to write a blog is definitely nature and it has the most immense pull on me. I knew I wanted to go out today to find images for my next post, but for those of you who are not in the UK, I had better let you know about our weather at the moment. I believe you would call it blustery at the very least! Very strong winds indeed! And to demonstrate this, here’s a photo of me, taken by me in the fields behind my house!

My beloved hat that I bought in Australia has never flown off before….well before today!

I’d now like to show a selection of images that inspire and delight me, that make me always carry my camera and which fill me with excitement when downloading to my computer.

A beautiful poppy seed head adorned with a cobweb and morning dew.

A spider on his web in my garden…

Then there’s the humour of a horse taking part in Movember!!! (I have already published this but it’s very amusing!)

Marvellous moustache!

Generally, fungus fascinates me…

Fabulous Fungi

Then, of course, there are just beautiful flowers!


Often the beauty of something close up is amazing…

So there you have it, just some of the things that inspire me!

That’s all!

See Ya xx

Seed Pods and Skylarks!

My mother, who knows I take copious amounts of photos, gave me this seed pod that she found….

Mais qu’est-ce que? Or for those of you without french (!)-But what is it?

Oh bliss, oh glory…..I’m so happy with your name oh flower seeds!

I suspected that they were iris seeds and googled as such.

Imagine my delight when I found them and their name!

Stinking Iris (Iris foetidissima for the more intellectual!)

Sadly I still have that childish sense of humour that so enjoys names of this sort.

Here’s another view…

Oooh you are pleasing to my eye!

Stinking because:

The  memorable feature isn’t the flower, which is unspectacular by the standards of many irises, but the smell. If you crush the foliage between finger and thumb you release an aroma that’s reminiscent of roast beef or, perhaps more accurately, the exaggerated beefy smell of a packet of roast beef-flavoured crisps. The species is sometimes known as roast beef plant.

And there you have it!

Now for some grass seeds..

I think they are grass seeds anyway!

Here’s their insides!

How neat!

Now, I am very lucky to live next to fields that have many skylarks in them. They are quite shy birds and if they are not hiding in the field foliage, they are flying so high in the sky that they are difficult to see, though they sing the most beautiful song. Occasionally though, they congregate in trees and on my walk yesterday, in the distance ahead, I spotted them in a tree. I  knew I couldn’t go to near as they would just fly off, so I took photos from where I was. Now I don’t have a super duper camera with zoom lens etc., and so these are not really clear, but, well you be the judge..

Shhh….don’t make them jump!

And one with a little zoom…

Thank you Skylarks!

But my favourite photo of my yesterday journey was this one…

Old Man’s Beard-Clematis vitalba

There’s a lot of it about!

That’s all!

See ya xx

And Little Lambs Eat Ivy!

The title of this blog is a bit of a song my dad used to sing, but it sounded more like …”And liddle lamsy divey” and it wasn’t til later in the song that it was slowed down and you could hear the real words.

Happy memories!

Anyway, I have for you today………some pics of…..have you guessed it yet?


Well ivy buds, flowers and seed heads to be precise.

So here we go (and you may as well hover for those sassy yet amusing remarks!)…

Ivicus Budicus!

They look a bit like fireworks. (Well green fireworks that go off in the day?)

So the next stage is this…

Nearly all out

A little further on in the cycle….

I like it a lot!

I had to take this one when I saw him landing there right in front of my eyes…

The next stage!

And this one is very regal I thought…

Little did they realise how almost rude looking they would turn next!!

Look at these!

Well what do YOU think they look like?


I just like this next shot so it’s not in sequence…


That’s all!

See Ya xx