Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

I promise this photo was taken in Bedfordshire in the UK two days ago!

Autumn Leaves and Winter Snow!

"I'm a wallaby, get me out of here!" shouted Wallace feeling sure this wasn't what he had signed up for!

“I’m a wallaby, get me out of here!” shouted Wallace feeling sure this wasn’t what he had signed up for!

Y’orchiding! (Get it!)

Oh me oh my what a busy time I’ve had.

I’ve been transacting on eBay.

I’ve been painting doors.

I’ve been putting my dahlias to bed before the frost!

But, as always, I got distracted in the middle of it all and found myself lying on the cold flagstones outside my kitchen door, taking photos of orchids from underneath! The sky was so blue and the orchid was so white!

See what you think! The first picture just shows you the type of orchid…..

Notice the woodstore in the background…remember it’s the one I made!! (See a much earlier post!)

And as always a very close up right in his tummy sort of shot……

Isn’t it soft?

Now for the shots that chilled my bottom to the bone….

Oh yes!

Also, some single flowers…

What a sky and what a flower!

That little cloud keeps getting in the photos doesn’t it!

Teeny weeny background cloud!

And finally my favourite photo (I think though the really close up one is a close second)….


That’s all!

See Ya xx

And Little Lambs Eat Ivy!

The title of this blog is a bit of a song my dad used to sing, but it sounded more like …”And liddle lamsy divey” and it wasn’t til later in the song that it was slowed down and you could hear the real words.

Happy memories!

Anyway, I have for you today………some pics of…..have you guessed it yet?


Well ivy buds, flowers and seed heads to be precise.

So here we go (and you may as well hover for those sassy yet amusing remarks!)…

Ivicus Budicus!

They look a bit like fireworks. (Well green fireworks that go off in the day?)

So the next stage is this…

Nearly all out

A little further on in the cycle….

I like it a lot!

I had to take this one when I saw him landing there right in front of my eyes…

The next stage!

And this one is very regal I thought…

Little did they realise how almost rude looking they would turn next!!

Look at these!

Well what do YOU think they look like?


I just like this next shot so it’s not in sequence…


That’s all!

See Ya xx

Colour bright within my sight!

“Oh you’re so easily!” distracted came the slightly exasperated cry.

We are at the allotment planning and measuring for beds but I have spotted some photo opportunities which lure me away with their promise of colour and excitement!

Somehow measuring beds of 5m x 1.2m is just not as exciting as….

Almost hurts your eyes!

(Are you remembering to hover over the pictures?)

Then there’s this little lovely…..

Fabulous colours!

And even closer still…

Aw Charlie, you’re magnificent!

Let’s move on to a different colour now….

Do you think she’s vein!!!! Geddit?

And the final one…

Such yummy colours!

And just in case you didn’t realise, these are all photos of Chard!

That’s all!

See Ya xx

Inkweed update!

Feel like I’ve been away from blogging for ages, though in truth it’s only a few days. I was going to show you some photos of ivy but I happened to go to my allotment and remembered my old mate the ink weed. So that is what I bring you today.

Don’t forget to hover over the photos!

Well poor old Inkweed isn’t long for this world I would say!

Here is the once proud beast himself…

Poor old Hank!

And here’s an even sadder shot of Hank really close up….


For those of you who know nothing of this beastie….It is the Inkweed and it comes from the USA and Australia but I found some here in England in the village I live in!

This is my third update on its history and life!

This is what it looked like when I first found it at the beginning of September….

How the mighty are fallen!

I think it is amazing and I will keep watching Hank (story of his name in previous blog!) and keeping updates.

I am going to finish on a photo of a rather lovely swan that I saw by the canal today…..

What a beauty!

And one last one….

And with that Sigourney Swan turned tail and was gone!

 That’s all!

See Ya xx

You’ve taken a picture of that???

Yes I have…..


So, I went for a walk this afternoon to blow away the cobwebs and I chose the canal as my exercise arena.

A little way along I stopped to look into a side ditch of water to see what I could see! I casually leaned on the railing. Then I looked directly down and saw the s%%% looking stuff in the above picture!

‘Urghh,’ thought I, ‘I wonder what wretched creature did that? And I wonder if they sat on this railing and dropped that?’

Then I leapt back to check they hadn’t mis-dropped!….Phew, luckily not!

‘This needs a closer look!’ I thought and got down (and dirty!) to see….

Ohh there’s more!

Well I have to tell you, there was loads of ‘it’ and what ‘it’ was I knew not! I had a feeling ‘it’ was perhaps a fungus of some kind.

So I took another shot…

This one is about 1 and a half to 2 inches in size. The mushroom is minuscule!

And of course, I took another one…

But…what is it?

I shall tell you what it is. I have done extensive research using words like ‘fungus’ and ‘jelly’, using both search and images on google.

Any ideas what it might be?

Yep…that’s right……

Jelly Fungus!

So That’s Julia Jelly, Jenny Jelly, Jasmine Jelly and  Jillian Jelly all caught on camera!

Apparently you can eat it. And I say ‘you’- not me!

That’s all!

See Ya xx

Poppies and One Poem (not about poppies!)

Today was windy and fabulous.

I had finished pickling the current pickled onions that had been sitting in salt over night, I had hammered a picture hook in the wall, I had been hideous food shopping and, this is hard to confess….I had watched last night’s Dallas episode.

Now was the time for a walk, so off I went. Armed with my camera, as always, I tramped through fields and eventually found something I wanted to photograph!

A poppy seed head.

But before I show you the pic I want to go back through yon poppy’s life cycle with you.

A bud, a bud!

And after a little while and the summer sun, Pete Le Poppy (remember to hover) explodes into this….

Good Eh?

Summer progressed and Pete Le Poppy’s petals fell off….

The snails seem happy too!

Just another similar shot that I rather like now…

Did you realise poppies were so hairy!?

So now it’s Autumn, there isn’t so much green…in fact I think one could say that the seed heads look quite dry! Here’s a selection of those that I found….

They are a bit like the chinese lantern with the seeds inside.

See what I mean?

All the seeds have gone.

Here’s the pattern on the end…

Lovely pattern.

I have collected as many seed as I can and will fling them about in my garden tomorrow!

Here’s one last large shot of Pete Le Poppy…

We will remember you Pete

Now, the poem…

Sometimes when I’m lonely

Sometimes when I’m sad

I sit down in front of the mirror

And pull faces that look really bad!!

That’s all!

See Ya xx

Inkweed update and silly stuff!

You may (or may not!) remember my blog which asked the question…”But what is it?” at the beginning of October.

The answer was Inkweed!

What had happened was I had photographed a plant and its berries and put them on a blog to find out if anyone knew what it was! To cut a long story short someone thought it was related to Pokeweed, which led me to discovering that it was Inkweed (though what this plant, native to North America and Australia, was doing not far from London I’ll never know!).

Here’s the original photo-it’s about 8 inches long……(not the photo, the fruity planty thing!)

A fine specimen!

You will have to read my blog “This is what it is” to find out why he is called Hank!

Anyway, this was taken toward the end of September, so I thought it would be good to see what it looked like now…..

Notice the Autumnal feel around Hank

And here’s a real good old close up!

The small(ish) pips seem to be opening out.


I will go and take more photos in a week or so to keep you updated!

Here’s the silly bit….

Sometimes I feel quite laughy

And then sometimes I don’t

But if you slip on banana skin

I’ll laugh, don’t think I won’t

Sometimes I can be naughty

Sometimes I can be rude

But you will never ever ever

See me in the nude!

And that’s all!

See Ya xx

Distant Horizons

“You take lots of close ups!” said my dear buddy. “Why don’t you take some long shots?”

So the challenge began, but I don’t know if I can hold myself back from zooming in! But, by golly, I’m going to give it a go!

Now where better to start than where I live which has some pretty good views….

From the top of Dunstable Downs (I know, they should be Dunstable ups!), including the glider club.

This was taken in the early Summer, so here’s one in the early Autumn of the same place….

Them thar fields are ready for the ‘arvest!

Oh dang it, can’t help myself, a Summer and an Autumn slightly closer up shot coming up!

Well there’s a distant and vast long sky in the background!

And Autumn…

Even more distance in this one!

And now a misty moisty mornin’ one…

Very early one morning-don’t know what got into me!

And now some sort of distance in a close up kind of way shots!

Fields behind my house-nice!

Fields behind my house, slightly different point of view!

And now for the Grande Finale…..

Couldn’t help myself!

So, challenge mostly complete methinks.

Isn’t where I live nice!

That’s all!

See Ya xx