A Word A Week Challenge: Hat

This challenge is courtesy of Sue of ‘A Word in Your Ear’ fame and here’s the link:



Here are my grandsons nicely wrapped up in their rather lovely hats….

IMG_1301 IMG_1280Ain’t they cute (even if I do say so myself!)

Then there’s me in my favourite Australian hat….

'Twas a windy day in Bedfordshire!

‘Twas a windy day in Bedfordshire!


This photo bears no relation to me at all….but I rather like it!

Heavy Horse Hat!?

Heavy Horse Hat!?

That’s All!

See Ya xx

Snowdrops, Fungi and is that Homer Simpson??

Surely it’s too early for spring and snowdrops?

But after some googly research I have discovered that snowdrops arrive between January and April!

Well I never….they have a hardened leaf tip that can push through frozen soil!

Amazingly I have a photo of those very hard bits on the leaves!!

"Thank goodness we've had a bit of a thaw!" said Smiley Snowdrop, "Saves on the extra effort we usually have to put in!"

“Thank goodness we’ve had a bit of a thaw!” said Smiley Snowdrop, “Saves on the extra effort we usually have to put in!”

It's worth all the effort! Ah!

It’s worth all the effort! Ah!


These next two photos are some rather interesting fungi and moss on a fallen down tree. I love the shade of brown against the green….

IMG_0629 IMG_0630

Then there’s these two…..



But finally….Do you see the likeness?

"Duff beer did this to me!" said Homer in one of his more coherent moments!

“Duff beer did this to me!” said Homer in one of his more coherent moments!

They’re puffballs by the way!

That’s All!

See Ya xx


Fungus! (What an attractive title!)

As I wandered about yesterday, waiting for my car to be fixed, camera in hand, anxious purse in pocket, bemused bystanders watching on, I found myself some fungus to photograph!

There seemed to be two different sorts (or so I thought!)…

Fungus/fried egg/fungus/fried egg?

And this little pouting beauty….

If it was Halloween now I’d be thinking this was an eyeball!

So there I was on the side of the road, taking no notice of people wondering what I was doing, crouching down and thinking that these were quite amazing fungi. I spent quite a few minutes prodding various puffballs in order to capture the puff of spore smoke (sadly to no avail!). This is a shot of me doing just that (and yes, you will notice the lack of spore smoke!)…

It puffed and I missed!

Here are some sweet shots….

Eye eye!

Their relationship was doomed from the start!

A far more healthy relationship!

So there I was in Fungusville when I thought….hang on a minute….does the fried egg fungus, with its sort of hump growing in the middle, become the puffball….sort of like it looks more and more pregnant? Are you with me? Am I right?

Well, I think I’ll finish this blog with that question and hope someone may answer me!!

That’s all!

See Ya xx