Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

So this week’s challenge is ‘Broken‘…..

"I'm very very sorry, I really really am, But I just cannot look at you For I don't feel very glam!" It's true Melinda Meercat Is feeling very low And the reason for this trouble can be found upon her toe!

“I’m very very sorry, I really really am,
But I just cannot look at you
For I don’t feel very glam!”
It’s true Melinda Meercat
Is feeling very low
And the reason for this trouble can be found upon her toe!

"It's just no good, I don't feel ready To face my public today, For without my full set of fingernails I don't know what more I can say!" It happened when she was climbing Up upon this rock She slipped and caught her front left leg, She had a very enormous shock!

“It’s just no good, I don’t feel ready
To face my public today,
For without my full set of fingernails
I don’t know what more I can say!”
It happened when she was climbing
Up upon this rock
She slipped and caught her front left leg,
She had an enormous shock!

And she sits here positively not looking at me Because her fingernail is broken And poor Melinda Meercat knows The nail salon ain't open

And here she sits not looking at me
Because her fingernail is broken
And poor Melinda Meercat knows
The nail salon ain’t open!

That’s All!

See Ya xx


Please can anyone tell me

Why my blog just disappears

When I search with a tag once I’ve published

It ain’t there and it brings me to tears!

I put this out on the forum

But as yet there is silence from there

I don’t understand what’s happening

Very soon I shall start to swear

Where is my blog in the wordpressosphere search?

So here is what happens…

  1. I write my blog
  2. I put in my categories and tags
  3. I publish my post
  4. I get taken to ‘Congratulations you have published — number of posts’
  5. It then says….’here’s what other people have blogged on the same subjects as you’
  6. I go and have a look, expecting mine to be at the top of the list as I have just published….and it’s not there!

This has only happened this week. I think people following are getting emails when I have posted a blog. I have cleared cookies etc from my internet.

Two pics and one last poem to express myself

Grrrr! Again!

Poised to get rid of temper through foot!

Stamping foot

Clenching fist

I’m sure it’s something

I have missed!

So any help or advice?

Let’s see if it works with tags and searching once I’ve published this!

See Ya xx

Literary Efforts!

I need say no more than the title!

Thus I begin….

I watched a prog on the telly

‘Bout a man who painted on bricks

He then charged lots of money

When he put them together as pics!

He looked just like that!

I have some bricks in my cellar

I’ve got some paint and I’m off

You never know, maybe one day

I’ll be as famous as Van Gogh!

(Note to American friends, in the UK we say Van Goff which definitely makes the poem rhyme better!)

Happy as anything making money out of old bricks!


Lemurs are unique to Madagascar

That’s something I never knew

They are very very comical

With their sideways leap and rear view….

Ah cute!



My lover has a cold nose

And sometimes it gently drips

I think I’m going to get my love

Some pretty pink nose clips!


If my belly wasn’t so big

I couldn’t eat my dinner

So, if my meal was smaller

Then maybe I’d get thinner!

This poem could be alarmingly insightful!


Well, it’s Sunday afternoon…why not write a little drivel and enjoy yourself!

That’s all!

See Ya xx

Poppies and One Poem (not about poppies!)

Today was windy and fabulous.

I had finished pickling the current pickled onions that had been sitting in salt over night, I had hammered a picture hook in the wall, I had been hideous food shopping and, this is hard to confess….I had watched last night’s Dallas episode.

Now was the time for a walk, so off I went. Armed with my camera, as always, I tramped through fields and eventually found something I wanted to photograph!

A poppy seed head.

But before I show you the pic I want to go back through yon poppy’s life cycle with you.

A bud, a bud!

And after a little while and the summer sun, Pete Le Poppy (remember to hover) explodes into this….

Good Eh?

Summer progressed and Pete Le Poppy’s petals fell off….

The snails seem happy too!

Just another similar shot that I rather like now…

Did you realise poppies were so hairy!?

So now it’s Autumn, there isn’t so much green…in fact I think one could say that the seed heads look quite dry! Here’s a selection of those that I found….

They are a bit like the chinese lantern with the seeds inside.

See what I mean?

All the seeds have gone.

Here’s the pattern on the end…

Lovely pattern.

I have collected as many seed as I can and will fling them about in my garden tomorrow!

Here’s one last large shot of Pete Le Poppy…

We will remember you Pete

Now, the poem…

Sometimes when I’m lonely

Sometimes when I’m sad

I sit down in front of the mirror

And pull faces that look really bad!!

That’s all!

See Ya xx

Inkweed update and silly stuff!

You may (or may not!) remember my blog which asked the question…”But what is it?” at the beginning of October.

The answer was Inkweed!

What had happened was I had photographed a plant and its berries and put them on a blog to find out if anyone knew what it was! To cut a long story short someone thought it was related to Pokeweed, which led me to discovering that it was Inkweed (though what this plant, native to North America and Australia, was doing not far from London I’ll never know!).

Here’s the original photo-it’s about 8 inches long……(not the photo, the fruity planty thing!)

A fine specimen!

You will have to read my blog “This is what it is” to find out why he is called Hank!

Anyway, this was taken toward the end of September, so I thought it would be good to see what it looked like now…..

Notice the Autumnal feel around Hank

And here’s a real good old close up!

The small(ish) pips seem to be opening out.


I will go and take more photos in a week or so to keep you updated!

Here’s the silly bit….

Sometimes I feel quite laughy

And then sometimes I don’t

But if you slip on banana skin

I’ll laugh, don’t think I won’t

Sometimes I can be naughty

Sometimes I can be rude

But you will never ever ever

See me in the nude!

And that’s all!

See Ya xx

Duck oh Duck

It’s National Poetry Day-or so Breakfast TV lead me to believe and this is something I have to honour….

(If it’s not too much bovver

Don’t forget to hovver!)

Okey Dokey!

It is always dangerous

To write a poem ’bout a duck

Not because they’re nasty

Or the bearers of bad luck….

Duck, now what rhymes with duck?

It’s because the rhymes for them

Can be rude and that would suck

I prefer much nicer things

And not that sort of muck!



that I’ve



(If you click on one of these next photos they will enlarge on your screen!)



These feathers….

..are a…


Even the titles of these rhyme!


Derwent’s younger brother.

Where’s that Doona? Why she’s in front of your eyes!


Poor Delilah Duck she couldn’t, She was in such a muddle!

That’s all!

See Ya xx

Conkers! For Adrienne x

Conkers conkers

How many did I see?

But where are the children?

They’re playing on the wii!!

Don’t forget to hover over the pics!

Particularly prickly pants!

Then there’s this one….Prehistoric maybe?

A relative of the diplodocus?

And this one warns you of the dangers of drinking that one drink too many!

Is it worth it?

Now whilst this looks rather like the first picture, I feel it has a more warrior like attitude, with a hint of meanness thrown in….

Hiiiiiiiiii YAH!

Well what can you see in this next one?…

Faster than the speed of light!

And here’s an odd thing…there was a sticky bud on the tree at the same time as conkers. I thought that sticky buds happened in Spring!?

Funny old weather!

And one more with captions…..

Is there a song ‘We’re in the army now’?

Finally just some shots of conkers on the tree….

That’s all!

See ya xx

Poems to make you smile!

Six silly poems written whilst out on a walk….Well you’ve got to have fun haven’t you?


I’m trying to write a book

Oh good grief it’s hard

I wish my name was William

Just like the famous bard!


I’d like to write a poem

I’d like to be a poet

But when I write a rhyme

It doesn’t seem to flow it just carries on and on without getting to the end

If I carry on like this then I’ll just go round the bend!

I like to watch the telly

Whilst sitting on my chair

This makes my bum grow bigger

Oh life just isn’t fair!

I’m going to buy a ticket

I’d really like to win

And if I won a packet

I’d celebrate with gin!

I said I’d stop the drinking

I said I’d give my word

But I can’t give up on Wednesday

Cos that would be absurd!

I said I’d give up working

I did it very well

But now I have no money

Oh bloody bloody hell!


Sometimes I find myself wondering

How aeroplanes stay in the air

But when you start to explain it to me

I find that I really don’t care!

Sometimes I find myself wondering

Electricity-how does that work?

Then you draw me a diagram like this…..

And I want to convulse and jerk!

 Sometimes I find myself wondering

What the hell I should do

Then I go outside with my camera

Ah nature your beauty is true

Here’s my Passion….

Thistle be a good set of photos!

Nearly there!

And finally….

There we have it!