Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: White




Thanks to Cee for this subject and the opportunity to show 3 photos of my lovely day at Cambridge University Botanic Gardens!

That’s All!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes 2

Yesterday I mentioned my trip to Cambridge University Botanic Gardens and the orchids there…..You met Pooch in the Pouch .

Well, the other orchids animals were up un arms at not being mentioned! So in keeping with the title of the Weekly Photo Challenge, here are three little eager puppies who felt left out yesterday! Just look at their little paws as they leap up to be seen!

Digger the Dalmation Orchid!

Digger the Dalmation Orchid!





Old fella Yella!

Old fella Yella!

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Of course if you want you could visit the other world of Dot-nose and E but D here….


Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

We went to Cambridge University Botanic Gardens today where they have, amongst other things, an Orchid Glass-House.

Oh me oh my what glories!

But did you know that small animals live within most orchids???

Just you take a look!!

This orchid is called Poochicum in Pouchanata, colloquially known as Pooch in the Pouch!

This orchid is called Poochicum in Pouchanata, colloquially known as Pooch in the Pouch!

Can you see him yet??

There he is….Pedro the Pooch in the Pouch!

There he is….Pedro the Pooch in the Pouch!

Can’t see him yet?? You obviously need your photos in Threes!!!

Ah Pedro…attaboy!

Ah Pedro…attaboy!

That’s All!

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Except why not visit somewhere odd…….


Travel Theme: Dance

I love orchids and so when I saw the dancer within this orchid, what else could I do but include these two photos in Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week which has the title ‘Dance’!

IMG_2825 IMG_2826

Here’s the link to Ailsa’s Travel theme if you want to have a look 🙂


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Begin again

Out in the Garden

I had this orchid in my kitchen for about a year and really thought it had had it as it had not flowered since I had first bought it.

The leaves seemed to go flaccid and drops of thick clear liquid appeared on it. I continued to chat to it (I know, a little crazy!) and water and feed it.

Then I noticed a tiny bud coming from the stalk.

Which led to this glorious flowering and a photo taken on a beautiful sunny day.

I have published this photo before on my blog with a bunch of others but thought it fitted perfectly with the renewal theme.

Here’s the link to the orchid blog 🙂


Y’orchiding! (Get it!)

Oh me oh my what a busy time I’ve had.

I’ve been transacting on eBay.

I’ve been painting doors.

I’ve been putting my dahlias to bed before the frost!

But, as always, I got distracted in the middle of it all and found myself lying on the cold flagstones outside my kitchen door, taking photos of orchids from underneath! The sky was so blue and the orchid was so white!

See what you think! The first picture just shows you the type of orchid…..

Notice the woodstore in the background…remember it’s the one I made!! (See a much earlier post!)

And as always a very close up right in his tummy sort of shot……

Isn’t it soft?

Now for the shots that chilled my bottom to the bone….

Oh yes!

Also, some single flowers…

What a sky and what a flower!

That little cloud keeps getting in the photos doesn’t it!

Teeny weeny background cloud!

And finally my favourite photo (I think though the really close up one is a close second)….


That’s all!

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