Wordless Wednesday


Cabbage White Butterfly


Scarlet Tiger Moth


Scarlet Tiger Moth fresh out of chrysalis


Comma Butterfly


Small Skipper

That’s All!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

My contrast this week is to be found the the fields behind my house and also the fields behind my mum’s house!

Meet the cinnabar caterpillars……

IMG_6187 IMG_6188 IMG_6189 IMG_6193 IMG_6199

And in ‘contrast’, meet Mummy Cinnabar Moth (or Daddy? I could not find if there’s a difference between male and female!)

IMG_6065 IMG_6069 IMG_6070 IMG_6073

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That’s All!

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Have you guessed what it is yet?

Tell me your name oh hairy one!

I found this little beauty in my front garden, calmly climbing on a shrub. I have to admit that I have been a little cross with the behaviour of this year’s caterpillars as they have eaten my garden alive! However I am unable to hurt them so I just try to move them somewhere else (like the neighbours garden??? No not really!).

Anyway, I decided I needed to know what species it is…butterfly or moth??

Well, God bless the internet as I can now proudly reveal that this caterpillar will become a Grey Dagger moth. I haven’t a photo of my own of one of them but I have managed to find this on t’net.

Grey Dagger Moth

Here’s a glorious sweet pea, bursting and ready and so pleased to not be caterpillar food….

Sweet sweet pea

And now, with great subtlety, on to another sort of pea that I podded only last week. Couldn’t resist the photo opportunity!


See Ya xx