A Word a Week Photography Challenge: Round

Passion flowers in my back garden were just so beautiful. Sadly I accidentally killed them off! They didn’t like where I planted them!

I live and learn!

Now, Lupins and the water they catch-wonderful. They are still living in my garden and hoping for another good year!

A great year for fungus in the UK!

These flowers and fungus have all been a-ROUND for a while!

OK I know and I’m sorry for the poor pun! That’s all

See Ya XX

Frosty One!

Ooh am I glad that I have a warm stove that keeps my house toastie warm? We definitely needed it last night as it hit the below zeros!

So there I was this morning, lounging about, knowing I had to get up and going soon, when I thought, “I wonder what the weather looks like today!”

I peaked out of the window and saw frost frost frosty frost everywhere!

“I sense a photo opportunity!” thought I, and leapt out of bed and into clothes.

Here are my efforts….

Saxifraga Primuloides



Followed by…..

Will she survive?

Then I took a photo of the ice on the top of my fence…not sure if this works…what do you think?

Quite interesting I think!

Then here’s some frozen wood…

I much prefer colourful shots!


Well you shouldn’t be growing in my lawn!

Then there’s the last of my sweet peas who seem to think it’s jolly hot judging by the amount of sweat on them!(?)

Freezing you may be…but very pretty too!

And that’s all!

See Ya xx

Colour bright within my sight!

“Oh you’re so easily!” distracted came the slightly exasperated cry.

We are at the allotment planning and measuring for beds but I have spotted some photo opportunities which lure me away with their promise of colour and excitement!

Somehow measuring beds of 5m x 1.2m is just not as exciting as….

Almost hurts your eyes!

(Are you remembering to hover over the pictures?)

Then there’s this little lovely…..

Fabulous colours!

And even closer still…

Aw Charlie, you’re magnificent!

Let’s move on to a different colour now….

Do you think she’s vein!!!! Geddit?

And the final one…

Such yummy colours!

And just in case you didn’t realise, these are all photos of Chard!

That’s all!

See Ya xx

They’re new to me!

Today I have photos of two autumn plants that I have never seen before.

The first has berries of the most amazing colour-please don’t think I have been colouring small spheres in order to show you something new-they are real!

Callicarpa Profusion

That is also the position they take on the shrub-sort of just off the main stem!

They are also called the Beauty Berry.

The other photos are of a plant called Gentiana which I think is wonderful…

About to open!

They are also called ‘Angel’s Wings’


And, of course, the looking straight down photo….

I think I’d like some of these!

A group shot

Ain’t they pretty?

And that’s all!

See Ya xx


Raindrops on Roses!

Yes, Yes, Yes, today it’s wet out there and I was in tidying mode. This involved removing ‘stuff’ and putting it away in the shed……

On the way I noticed raindrops preparing to drip just about everywhere!

“Quickly,” I thought, “Get your camera!” (Phew no hills to sprint up-see blog ‘Sunset-you ain’t seen nothing yet’)

Here is a  washing line shot….

Remember to hover!

Moments later I shook the line and the Drip family accomplished what their name suggested!

Then I saw these…..

The back of a garden chair!

By this stage my eyes were darting everywhere looking for more…ever more droplets about to let rip!

Then, this myriad of globules…

I love a misty, moisty day!

A while ago I planted some lettuce type greenery in inappropriately small pots. Thus to date there is not enough to make a sandwich, but they are perfect for a photo shoot!


I expect you may be wondering why I called this ‘Raindrops on Roses’?

Well, here you are….

I know…it’s just a rose leaf…please be patient!

What a big drip!


Now, this last photo-well how could I have raindrops on roses without whiskers on kittens?

It is my own handiwork, though I am sure you would never know!

You can purchase it if you want, but move quickly as it’s a limited edition!

I’ve held you up too long, so here it is….

A Masterpiece!

Ah well, I’ve made myself laugh!

That’s all!

See Ya xx




Poppies and One Poem (not about poppies!)

Today was windy and fabulous.

I had finished pickling the current pickled onions that had been sitting in salt over night, I had hammered a picture hook in the wall, I had been hideous food shopping and, this is hard to confess….I had watched last night’s Dallas episode.

Now was the time for a walk, so off I went. Armed with my camera, as always, I tramped through fields and eventually found something I wanted to photograph!

A poppy seed head.

But before I show you the pic I want to go back through yon poppy’s life cycle with you.

A bud, a bud!

And after a little while and the summer sun, Pete Le Poppy (remember to hover) explodes into this….

Good Eh?

Summer progressed and Pete Le Poppy’s petals fell off….

The snails seem happy too!

Just another similar shot that I rather like now…

Did you realise poppies were so hairy!?

So now it’s Autumn, there isn’t so much green…in fact I think one could say that the seed heads look quite dry! Here’s a selection of those that I found….

They are a bit like the chinese lantern with the seeds inside.

See what I mean?

All the seeds have gone.

Here’s the pattern on the end…

Lovely pattern.

I have collected as many seed as I can and will fling them about in my garden tomorrow!

Here’s one last large shot of Pete Le Poppy…

We will remember you Pete

Now, the poem…

Sometimes when I’m lonely

Sometimes when I’m sad

I sit down in front of the mirror

And pull faces that look really bad!!

That’s all!

See Ya xx

Physalis alkekengi-

Well let me translate for you..Physalis alkekengi-Chinese Lantern Plant.

I was down at the Garden Centre looking for help to clear my new allotment when my eyes rested upon this plant, tucked away in a corner…

I couldn’t believe how the seed was suspended within the ‘skeleton’.

And a little closer…

Cor! Wow!

And here are two fully clothed Physalis’…

Who would have thought purple and orange would go together so well!


When I got home I decided to give the little lantern some different places to pose upon…

Lying upon my mother’s painting of an ivy leaf.


On a table cloth!

In the kitchen

Work surface!


On a towel!


But at the risk of repeating myself, here’s my favourite….


But finally, to anyone who has been visiting my blog, commenting, liking or following….Thank you-it means a lot 🙂

(And don’t forget to hover!)

That’s all!

See Ya xx

Blogtoberfest! OOOOOOH It’s so scary in my house!!

Ok, so one of the blogs I follow is “Lady or Not….Here I Come”, which I find jolly darned amusing. At the moment Becca (she who blogs) has a Blogtoberfest on, where she has challenged us readers to post scary stories.

“I’m up for that!” I thought and began to think!

First off I have to post this picture….

Yes I will!

Here in the UK it has been a very wet year. Plants have grown unusually large…6 foot stinging nettles…very large ink weed berries (see earlier blog)….Himalayan Balsam that you could build a house with (look them up they’re amazing)!! But with this wet weather came slugs and snails (no puppy dog tails mind!) and spiders galore.

I know, I know, the scary bit is coming!

So to illustrate….some pics…

All very well you may think, but not very scary…

Well here’s the scary bit….Inside my house there has been an invasion…..not of slugs or snails, but of really small, long legged spiders who make many fine webs all over the place. Now you may think that this is not scary if you are of the “House proud” persuasion. If you are like that, then you will have brushed and dusted them away before they took over! I am not like you!

Everywhere I turn I see….

“Get away from meeeee!”


And here’s Graham’s mate lurking in another room!

How does he hang like that?



And do you know what else scared me this very evening? There I was sitting in my chair when I noticed movement on my top! Then out wriggled an earwig, who then proceeded to clamber down my curves!! Without missing a beat I grabbed him and put him in a pot to photograph for you…..urgggghhhhh!

Got you you blighter!



But here are some photos of things that really really really frighten me in my own house…

The Understairs Cupboard

The Spare Room

The Wash Basket!

The tupperware type thing cupboard with extra added iron!

The Utensil Drawer!

That’s all!

See Ya xx

This is what it is…

Here’s my photo from yesterday’s blog of a mystery plant that is about 8 inches tall, pretty magnificent but without a name…

It is Ink Weed!

Thanks to JM who pointed me in the right direction with a suggestion of ‘Poke Weed’.

Now just a little aside, having looked up images of Ink Weed, I was innocently showing a lady I don’t know particularly well the results of the google search when she suddenly said….”Ooh what’s that?”

Imagine my horror when there amongst the images was a naked lady in a provocative pose!! I very quickly moved swiftly on whilst blushing almost as red as the Ink Weed’s berries! Anyway, here’s one of those photos (NO not the rude one….an internet photo of Ink Weed!)….

Definitely not as big as mine!

The websites with information about Ink Weed are from Australia and America and here are some quotes from them….

  • Not a legally declared Pest Plant. Often found in moist areas
  • Flower head-erect
  • Flowers-bisexual
  • Eradication strategies(!)-Drag a railway iron or similar across heavy infestations

I will certainly not employ the eradication strategy as I saw the plant in someone’s garden and I’m not sure it would be very neighbourly to begin the railway iron process!

I’m thinking that some of the quotes from various websites could be the reason for the saucy images on the same pages! Definitely some double entendre sort of words.

So-the mystery is solved! But one last thing…on my iPhoto there is the ability for it to recognise faces and I noticed that when looking at one of the photos, iPhoto wanted me to add a name….so I did….

Your name is Hank!


That’s all..

See Ya xx

Have you guessed what it is yet?

Tell me your name oh hairy one!

I found this little beauty in my front garden, calmly climbing on a shrub. I have to admit that I have been a little cross with the behaviour of this year’s caterpillars as they have eaten my garden alive! However I am unable to hurt them so I just try to move them somewhere else (like the neighbours garden??? No not really!).

Anyway, I decided I needed to know what species it is…butterfly or moth??

Well, God bless the internet as I can now proudly reveal that this caterpillar will become a Grey Dagger moth. I haven’t a photo of my own of one of them but I have managed to find this on t’net.

Grey Dagger Moth

Here’s a glorious sweet pea, bursting and ready and so pleased to not be caterpillar food….

Sweet sweet pea

And now, with great subtlety, on to another sort of pea that I podded only last week. Couldn’t resist the photo opportunity!


See Ya xx