Conkers re-visited

A few weeks ago I took some photos of conkers and wrote about them. I would now like to re-visit and show you what can happen to the best of us! (And don’t forget to hover over pics.)

The intrepid space conker!

But look what happened after an encounter with the sun!

Ooh-slightly burned and a new appendage has developed!

The next two sets of photos show what happens if you don’t take the doctors advice about sun screen!!

He joined so he could travel!

But he didn’t use Factor 30!

Oh dear!

Now I don’t know if you saw the conker blog, but I had rather a saucy lady conker bending over….

Can you see it?


She too didn’t heed advice on caring for your skin!

Quite an attractive tan though!


And finally, remember Carl Conker who had over-indulged?….

You too could look like this if you have that one drink too many!

Carl several years on….

Think before you take those extra drinks…Cautious Carl the Conker should be your warning!


And that’s all for today!

See Ya xx


Conkers! For Adrienne x

Conkers conkers

How many did I see?

But where are the children?

They’re playing on the wii!!

Don’t forget to hover over the pics!

Particularly prickly pants!

Then there’s this one….Prehistoric maybe?

A relative of the diplodocus?

And this one warns you of the dangers of drinking that one drink too many!

Is it worth it?

Now whilst this looks rather like the first picture, I feel it has a more warrior like attitude, with a hint of meanness thrown in….

Hiiiiiiiiii YAH!

Well what can you see in this next one?…

Faster than the speed of light!

And here’s an odd thing…there was a sticky bud on the tree at the same time as conkers. I thought that sticky buds happened in Spring!?

Funny old weather!

And one more with captions…..

Is there a song ‘We’re in the army now’?

Finally just some shots of conkers on the tree….

That’s all!

See ya xx