Costa Rican Reptiles

So we met some rather lovely reptiles including this handsome chap in Tortuguero……

We don’t have these in the undergrowth in the UK!
I just love the folds on his skin!

Then we met these two lizards, the first being the female and the second the male.

Then to finish, this casual chap and his higher shadow!

That’s All!

See Ya xx

4 comments on “Costa Rican Reptiles

  1. Yes, he is gorgeous. We had lots of Iguanas here in Florida and I’ve done many posts featuring Grandpa Igasho. Unfortunately they are now considered a nuisance because they multiply so fast and my neighbours here have paid an Iguana Control company to come around regularly to shoot them on sight. I really miss seeing these guys. 😥

    • Yes I’ve seen your posts on iguanas-they always made me smile. We don’t have iguanas in the wild in the uk so it was a treat to see them. Same with hummingbirds-I loved seeing them in Costa Rica and was very excited as it was the first time I’d seen them in ‘real life’!
      Thank you 😊

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