Costa Rican Flowers

On our recent holiday to Costa Rica, I was amazed at the vivid brightness of the flowers that were everywhere! But first, where did we see them? Here’s a map of Costa Rica and a cunningly placed arrow showing where I took the photos of these particular flowers! Tortuguero-which is on the Caribbean side of the country-is very hot and surprisingly wet for the dry season! I think they should rename their seasons ‘The Wet Season’ and ‘The Even Wetter Season”!

This is a passion flower native to Central America.
Small heliconia
Bamboo orchids grow everywhere and they grow to about 2 metres tall and have lots of flowers.
Achiote harbouring a small bug! This is sometimes used as a food colouring.
I don’t know what this is!

And to finish…….

I believe this plant is called Hooker’s Lips?? I wonder why!

That’s All!

See Ya xx

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