Colour Your World: Burnt Sienna

Here is my entry for Jennifer’s, Tourmaline blog, Color Your World challenge and her colour this week is Burnt Sienna.

I do love a dragonfly on a pointy up stick!

That’s All!

See Ya!

Saucy Cabbage White!

I’m a cabbage white
And it’s time for me to mate
So I sit upon a flower
With abdomen in the air I wait!!
Then along comes Mistress Photograph
She spoils the romantic vibe
And the handsome beau I’m wooing
Flies away to the right to hide!

As you can see, I didn’t quite manage to get the two of them together-he was off like a shot!

That’s All!

See Ya xx

Porcelain Flower

So we were given a plant by our elderly neighbour when we were moving away from the area. She said it didn’t need much care (luckily!) and would last forever. That was quite a few years ago and it has only been a leafy sort of plant….until……..we moved it upstairs and it produced the most amazing flowers….


The flies seemed to love the drippy sticky nectar!

That’s All!

See Ya! xx