Weekly Photo Challenge: Magic

This week the theme is Magic and we have to share photos that brought a little magic to us!

Whilst out walking this weekend I thought I saw a very strange coloured bird-sort of bright green- and then a most unusual screech-not one I could identify with the bird life in Buckinghamshire UK!

As I got nearer I noticed there were bird boxes, about the same size as a beehive, which were obviously home to whatever these birds were. Then from out of nowhere a flock of bright green parakeets swooped overhead and a flew into a large nearby tree!


This sight certainly brought a little magic to my Saturday afternoon!

That’s All!

See Ya xx

Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos

So it’s Chaos this week. First off I have 2 natural chaos situations but the last photos are of my partner’s adult children doing a spur of the moment firework display! ‘Twas scary….rockets were stuck in the ground rather than in bottles (unbeknown to me!).. Grandchildren were brought indoors before the chaos began!




I would, of course, like to say, I do not advocate this sort of craziness!!

Fortunately no-one was hurt!

That’s All!

See Ya xx