Macro Monday

I visited my aunt today and in her garden pond were some very beautiful water lilies…..




In addition to these my aunt had an uninvited visitor that had just appeared!

It is quite large but very pretty!

It’s called Borage and….

The borage herb is an old fashioned plant that can get up to 2 feet or more. It is native to the Middle East and has an ancient history in war as an enhancement for bravery and courage. Growing borage provides the gardener with cucumber-flavored leaves for tea and other beverages as well as bright starry blue flowers for decorating salads. All parts of the plant, except the roots, are flavorful and have culinary or medicinal uses.

I think my aunt may well just look at it rather than make beautiful salads and brew tasty teas though! She’s also brave and courageous enough anyway!

Here it is….


That’s All!

See Ya xx


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