Bloody Nosed Beetle Larva

I have been off the blogging scene for a while as we have moved house-to another beautiful place where we are surrounded by countryside, very English countryside.

I found this little fellow early one morning and he made me very excited as I have been looking for one of these for a few years now! In case you missed in the title of the blog…..he’s a Bloody Nosed Beetle larva!

I love his shape, colour, curliness and feet!


So I have taken lots of photos!


The Bloody Nosed Beetle gets its name because when frightened it produces a bright red liquid from its mouth!


Naturally this bright red liquid is foul tasting thus putting off predators!


If you follow the link at the end of this blog you will see what wonderful feet the adult Bloody Nosed Beetle has……well I think so!


If you wanted to know any more about this little fellow, then follow this link……

That’s All!

See Ya xx

Weekly Photo Challenge: Face

So this week we have been challenge to:

“share a photo of a face”.

Have I got a face for you…….

Meet Crendon the Crested Duck….


Can you believe that topknot?



So now Crendon is in the water, but he can only stay in for a little while as he hasn’t developed waterproof feathers yet!

Brendan and his brothers and sisters will have to develop strength of character because, apparently, other ducks won’t accept them and their crests! 😦


Crendon’s face tells me that he doesn’t much care at the moment!

I think Crendon the Crested Duck has the most wonderful face!

That’s All!

See Ya xx

Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration

I would like to register my Admiration for Britain’s second smallest bird…..

The Wren!

Aka ‘Troglodytes troglodytes’ (so good they named them twice!)


This little chap was singing his heart out….as you will see in the next picture!

IMG_7852 (1)

They are actually quite noisy even though they are so small!


7.30am and there’s no stopping him!


Yes…I think he’s posing!

For more photos to admire, click on the link at the top of the page!

That’s All!

See Ya xx

Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration

There’s a whole lot of Admiration going on in the bird world…….


Here’s Charlie Chaffinch watching Renée Robin in admiration of his beautiful red breast…..


Meanwhile Renée Robin is watching Rita Wren and her beautiful petite form with equal admiration!


Mind you….Rita Wren thinks, “How I admire the beautiful colours on Gareth Goldfinch!” whilst gently sighing!


Gareth Goldfinch is no stranger to admiration as he watches Lady Blackcap perched so high and yet so delicately in the branches of the next tree!


Lady Blackcap, rather like me, cannot resist secretly watching Renée Robin’s brother Ralph who has found the perfect pose in the next tree!


Ralph Robin is in his own world!

But look……some others who have deep admiration for all these birds……..


After all, pigs might fly but sheep can’t!

For other possibly more sensible takes on admiration, click on the link at the top of this blog!

That’s All!

See Ya xx