Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime

This week Michelle has asked us to share an image inspired by dinnertime.

“Ah!” I thought, “Pelicans!”


Meet the handsome Percival Pelican!


“FISH!” squawked Percival!

His lady love Percilina Pelican came to join him…..


Percilina Pelican knew that once Percival got this demanding, with wide open beak, fish would soon be coming his way!


Percival was not much of a gent and snaffled the fish up straight away! Percilina could only look on and hope that now she was in front, it would be her turn next!


Percilina was delighted when she felt the gentle thud of the fish landing in her deeply elastic bottom beak!

Come back tomorrow to see what happens when Percival and Percilina both go for the same fish!

That’s All!

See Ya xx