Weekly Photo Challenge: Future

A story of a goat who wanted the future to be the present!


Goldie the Goat was deep in thought

Thinking of what he would like

He was still quite young with time on his side

But he wished he was like Uncle Spike


Oh yes, he had horns-not bad for his age

But dear youth how impatient you are

He wanted what only many years could buy

I suppose it’s not that bizarre


Gordie the Goat tried to comfort him,                                                                                                        He said, “At least your horns curl!                                                                                                             Look at mine all pointy and straight                                                                                                           How I long for a wonderful whorl!”


Now Uncle Spike he was a sheep

With two most glorious horns

And shall I tell you the irony?

It’s his long lost youth he mourns!!


Uncle Spike

 And just to finish……

Sharon Sheep                                                                                                                                             Couldn’t hear                                                                                                                                                          As her horn was holding down                                                                                                                        Her ear!IMG_7340

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