Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

“This week show us something that helps you stay positive, hopeful and optimistic regardless of what life (and the weather!) throws your way.”

So there’s the challenge!

Watching wildlife definitely keeps my humour good and my optimism about life high!

I’d like you to meet Peyton Pelican and his family!


Peyton Pelican’s the one at the back
The one with slightly strange hair!
He and his family are all a bit bored
They want to go out, but where?

They soon decide to go for a swim

Over on the lake

Peyton goes first and off he flies

Oh it’s frozen….for goodness sake!



Peyton’s alarmed and steadies himself

And sits for a moment in thought

How the heck can he tackle this

When it’s almost impossible to walk


He inches himself towards the water

Whilst feeling a bit of a fool

Then the wind begins to blow

His hair-oh life can be cruel!


Using the wind’s momentum

And forgetting his very strange look

Peyton hauls himself up to his feet

To the water by hook or by crook!



And when he gets back he puffs out his chest

 He fluffles and fluffles himself


And then he begins to tell everyone

About the terrible ice shelf!


‘Listen’ said Payton, “It’s not safe out there

And I’m a very brave pelican!

Every bird both fair and fowl

Must do just what the hell he can!’

Don’t let Peyton know that I got this back shot of him!!…..


That’s All!

See Ya xx


16 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

    • I’m not sure I realised that pelicans had such a top knot on them! I’m guessing that it’s the male that has it as the other pelican didn’t! Yes-bad hair days all round! Thank you 🙂

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