Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet 2

So it’s all about the Alphabet in the Photo Challenge this week!

So my letter today is ‘R’ for Robin…or should that be ‘Ahhhhh!”

IMG_6166 IMG_6164

There are lots more Alphabet entries if you follow the ‘Photo Challenge’ link at the top!

That’s All!

See Ya xx


13 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet 2

  1. What a cooperative model: To align wing and tail with the diagonal branch in the first photo, and to strike the classic “Ain’t you shamed, you sleepyhead?” post in the second–you really can pick ’em, Liz.

    I really like that second one, ‘specially. Except I really like that first one, ‘specially, too.

    • I had to have a few sharp words with Mr. Robin …..I said “Come on now, you remember the rules, diagonal good, align all yer bits and Bob’s yer uncle and Fanny’s yer aunt!” However he would not observe the rule of thirds! Actually I very often don’t observe it either!
      Enough now – what is this of which I blether? Thank you dear Outlying One 😀

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