Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less) 2

Imagine being so small your weight doesn’t register on a small wild flower like knapweed!!

This week we are showing photos within the theme of weight(less)

IMG_3488 IMG_3562 IMG_3395

Look at these teeny weeny beetles!!IMG_3555



That’s All!

See Ya xx


10 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less) 2

    • Ahem……Horton is a village and civil parish in Berkshire, England. It is between Windsor and Staines-upon-Thames. Or…. I found an elephant like creature! Surely you do yourself down down down! Good senses!!

  1. I could not tell from your reply if you were already, or in searching, became passingly, familiar with the basic plotline of “Horton Hears a Who”, in which Horton indeed hears a “Who?” coming from a most minute creature living in a most-minute community of similarly-minute creatures passing their entire lives on a single ginormous (to them) wildflower.

    I thank you for the information re: the village. Given the famous elephant’s well-known pacific proclivities, one would not be surprised to learn of his upbringing in a quiet rural parish, after which he may even have been named.

    • I believe I feel an urge to look up this Horton chappie and the miniature world of which you speak! Indeed I may even look closer into his upbringing and see whether I can bring you news of his British heritage forthwith!

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