Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

Instructions for this theme are as follows:

This week, share a photo of something marked by its weight — or its air of weightlessness.

I know these photos are a bit obvious but I have never posted them and thought I would use them today!

P1010807 IMG_7402 P1010810 P1010809 IMG_6784

Here are some other entries to this challenge:




That’s All!

See Ya xx


16 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

  1. Pteranophobia

    When it comes to feathers, I want
    to run; A phobia,
    I’m quite undone,
    I don’t mind quills:
    They’re clean and trim;
    But feathers wild have wild vermin.

    When but a child, I lifted one,
    And, charmed, beheld it in the sun,
    Peered closely at its spiny face,
    The cloud explosion at its base,
    Brought my lips near,
    Readied to blow,
    Then felt a tickling, crawling, FLOW
    Creep up my thumb,
    And rapidly,
    Advance upon the rest of me!

    That lovely plume of varied grey,
    Was thick with LICE!
    Signs of DECAY!
    The bird from which that feather fell was ill,
    And I who touched the sick,
    Would be rewarded with–a TICK!

    A feather tick, or ticks, or lice,
    For love of beauty, an ugly price!

    I threw the feather down, I screamed!
    I shook my hand–a dozen tries;
    It seemed I’d never get those lice off of my body!


    …a dream in which you can’t wake up
    and yet the sun is streaming in your eyes!

    …a dream that teaches beauty shown by feathers is a false facade of lies!

    Of birds, I’m very fond, in the air, on land, or pond,
    Or when happy as a pet: Parakeet or full par-rET,
    Duckie feet? Like little boots.
    Birdie beaks? Some cutie snoots.
    But their feathers must stay mended,
    On their skin, as God intended,
    For when any come unglued,

    So do I.

    (This is only half-true. I just didn’t want to do my real work.)

    • Bloody marvel louse!

      I touched not one feather
      But let the dew set
      Upon the plumes
      My photo to get

      I touch very little of my photo subjects
      Preferring to adore from a distance
      Looking closely using a computer screen
      This could help you with insect coexistence!


      • Yes, a screen between helps.
        Re-read my verse late this morning and paled. It really fell apart 2/3 down, dinnit? Think sleep was creeping in about then–or I’ll claim that. Still, I had fun, and enjoyed your response!

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