8 comments on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. The last one reminds me of a Scandinavian (Eastern European?) folk tale called something like “The Two Sillies” about an arguing husband and wife who are both too stubborn either one of them to get up and shut the door. There they sit, back to back, while an animal comes in and eats their dinner, and a thief comes in and steals their valuables. Those cormorants should be more careful, or someone could float along and take their… their… Well, if her name were Wendy, I suppose she could take their reflections, which are rather like shadows.

    • The Sillies-what an extraordinarily wonderful name! I rather like the image of the front door of the Sillies watery home being unguarded whilst a fit of pique is had by all! Naughty Wendy!

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