Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle 2

I’m rather partial to Ladybirds and was pleased to note that they fit into this week’s challenge!

IMG_6424 IMG_2022 IMG_1951 (1) IMG_2028 IMG_2031 IMG_6628

I think this ladybird’s circular spot has changed to a heart due to finding a plethora of aphids for dinner!!

That’s All!

See Ya xx


20 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle 2

  1. I also like ladybugs, as they’re more commonly called here. I thought of them as my friends, and good luck, growing up.

    Sh#t. Just realized: Those adorable little domes of doom f#cked me over totally with that luck thing, didn’t they? Kept it all to their d#mn selves.

    I’m going to raise an aphid ARMY!!!

    My favorite of the set–for asthetics, not because I any longer like the blasted subject–is the third from the bottom. But below that, had you chosen to zoom in on the inverted clinging madam, as I chose to with my Ibigification

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