Macro Monday

IMG_4713 IMG_4451 IMG_4558 IMG_9007 IMG_8410

I think this last one is my favourite because of the rich colours!

For other Macro shots visit here!

That’s All!

See Ya xx


2 comments on “Macro Monday

  1. The toadstools are really a beautiful variety, aren’t they?
    I hadn’t known shield bugs came in brown. He’s attractive, and more interesting upon close examination than you would think–is that a green on him?–although I prefer the more colorful ones.
    I can see why you like the leaves, but I really like the contrast of the smooth, rounded, burnished ladybug and how it rises toward the viewer as compared to the scratchy, dried, flattish shape of the grain it is on, and the quick versus the dead. The high contrast makes it my favorite photo of the set.

    • Well hellooooooooah! Apparently, I have been informed, the toadstools can be a little hallucinogenic were one to ingest!! Sadly on the way back on my walk, someone had kicked them all over….hmpffff! Mr. Le Shield Bug had gold tones which made him look rather like a brooch someone (not me) might wear!…I still like the leaves the best but I am noted for being a fool for ladybirds!!! 😉

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