Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory

‘Victory’ is the title of the Photo Challenge this week and here is my entry!

Colin Crab’s mum was oft in despair

The source of this feeling…..her son!

For Colin loved to play in the mud

Sense of cleanliness? No he had none!


He hid himself deep in dark muddy places

And played hide and seek every day

He liked to feel dirty….some people do!

There was nothing his mum could say


She begged and she pleaded and tried to persuade….

A bath could be nice once a week!

But Colin stood firm in his mess and his filth

He loved his mudpie chic!

Coralie Crab, for that was her name

Thought long and hard for a way

It was then she decided that cunning and stealth

Would help find Colin’s once sweet bouquet!

She told him about a young crab called Kat

Who could often be found near these houses


She played in the swimming pools most of the day

And wore short skirts and pretty pink blouses!

So Colin decided to humour his mum

And went to the villa for a look

He saw her and then he said to himself

“I must have her by hook or by crook!”

And this is where his mum had won

With love-what a mystery!

It made Colin change his mind about dirt

And gave Coralie the ‘victory’!!


Colin the Crab!
Found love by the pool
Kept himself clean
No longer the fool!

That’s All!

See Ya xx

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