Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

I’ve been lucky enough to have a lovely Treat this week….. I’ve been on holiday in Turkey!

In Turkey it is the season for pomegranates which is even more of a treat as I love them!!

Not only for how they taste but for how they look!

If they are not picked when they are ready they just burst on the tree!


Here’s one I found on the ground….

IMG_5272 IMG_5270 IMG_5271 IMG_5266

This one sort of looks like it's got two teeth!

This one sort of looks like it’s got two teeth!

And of course I had to get closer!!

And of course I had to get closer!!


I managed to find an old photo of the flower of a pomegranate…..


Pretty eh!

That’s All!

See Ya xx


19 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

  1. When I was in Turkey long ago I didn’t see pomegranates on the tree, but it was autumn and you could go into hole-in-the-wall shops and buy a glass of freshly-pressed nar suyu – so special! Just tonight I took my own pictures of a pomegranate and that’s how I ended up here on your blog, following the “See what others are writing about ___” lure. (Mine aren’t as lucid and bright as yours.) I know that an autumn holiday in Turkey must have been dreamy.

    • Did you try the nar syrup which you mix with olive oil and put on salads-gorgeous! I think orange juice and pomegranate is my favourite mix for a drink. Yes it was a lovely week in Turkey. Thank you 🙂

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